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walking a dog during covid

we could all use a bit more time outside with our pets, tbh

It sounds kinda crazy. Then again, this is 2020.

Germany’s agriculture minister, Julia Klöckner, announced today that under new regulations in the Dogs Act, dog owners will be required to walk their dog twice a day for at least an hour on each occasion. Yes, that’s two hours per day of dog walking. In addition, it will be illegal to keep dogs tethered for long periods of time or left alone for an entire day.

The rules don’t stop with dog owners either. Breeders will be allowed to care for a maximum of three litters at a given time, and puppies must receive direct human socialization for at least four hours every day.

Dogs that have had their ears or tail docked won’t be allowed in dog shows — they might even be excluded if their behavior isn’t “species-appropriate.”

A spokeswoman for the agriculture ministry said it was very unlikely private dog owners would receive police visits to check on pets, but if the legislation passes it will be up to the states to enforce the rules.

How did this happen? Klöckner explained these rules are based on new scientific findings that show dogs need a “sufficient measure of activity and contact with environmental stimuli.”

🔗 Source: Guardian

Our two cents

The idea is great. Imagine a world with more responsible pet owners, healthier pups, fewer breeders, and a little more cardio for everyone. That sounds good to us. To be frank, though, this type of legislation would be incredibly difficult to enforce. Regardless, we admire Klöckner for championing animal welfare in a big way and we look forward to seeing what aspects of her plan live to see 2021.

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