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A Powerful Partnership for Pet Safety

United in the Mission to Protect and Reunite Lost Pets with Their Owners

At betterpet, we believe in making the world a better place for pets and pet parents. Our commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and improving the lives of pets (and their owners) has led us to seek out a corporate social responsibility partner that shares our vision. A staggering 10 million dogs and cats go missing each year, and sadly, only 1 in 10 are ever reunited with their owners. We have found the perfect partner to address this issue — FidoTabby Alert.

FidoTabby Alert is a free, innovative service designed to address this issue by reuniting lost pets with their owners using unique ID tags and a national text message alert system.  When you sign up they send you a free custom engraved pet ID tag for your pet – made 100% in North Carolina.  When a pet goes missing, the system sends a text message with a digital lost pet flyer to everyone registered in the network within a few miles.  When your pet is found, the finder simply scans the QR code on the pet’s tag and FidoAlert texts you (and your emergency contacts) with the finder’s information.

A core tenant of their belief is that money should never stand between a pet loving owner and their lost pet.  To fund the network, they have assembled a set of great corporate partners and have thousands of contributions from loving pet owners who have signed up and are using the network.  Their goal is to be able to scale the network and never have it cost anyone a penny.

This partnership with FidoTabby Alert has been scrupulously vetted by our management team and we firmly believe it enables us to further our mission of providing valuable resources and information to pet owners, ensuring a safer and more responsible pet community.

Betterpet is authentically askign every pet owner in America to join the network.  By increasing the size of the network, we increase the safety of lost pets.  Together we can help every lost pet find its way home.

For more information, please visit

– the betterpet management team

betterpet and fidotabby alert