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Vet Dtox Highlights

✔ Complies with the US Food Chemical Codex.
🍼 Safe to use during pregnancy and lactation.
🐶 Safe for usage in dogs, horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, cats, poultry and birds.
Prices start at $9.95 for a pint (4 oz )
Use it for poison control or diarrhea to absorb harmful substances in the digestive tract
It can be given with a syringe if your dog is too sick to swallow
Administer it orally with water or milk

But why use activated charcoal — and is it safe?

Activated charcoal is made from heating carbon resources at extremely high temperature (the ‘activation’ process) which makes it more porous. The charcoal is then able to absorb toxins via these pores in the stomach. So, if your pup (or cat) has swallowed or eaten something toxic or simply something that’s upset their tummy, activated charcoal can reduce toxins by 80% in three hours. The activated charcoal will be flushed out of your pet along with the toxins. These are some of the toxins that activated charcoal can help absorb:

  • strychnine
  • narcotics
  • ibuprofen
  • chocolate
  • pyrethrins
  • marijuana
  • aspirin
  • prescriptions
  • bromethalin
  • rodenticides
  • Acetaminophen

Have Vet Dtox on hand (just in case)

Time is of the essence if your dog has ingested something toxic. Activated charcoal is most beneficial when administered within two hours of ingestion, so you’ll want to give your dog the Vet Dtox as soon as possible if they’ve ingested something toxic, and of course, make sure to call your vet as well. Dogs should be given 3-10 grams of the product depending on their body weight.

Dogs often sniff, roam, and explore freely, not realizing that substances they casually ingest can be toxic or harmful. Having activated charcoal on hand is key — you may not have time to rush out to the store or wait for an Amazon delivery if your pet is suffering from ingesting something toxic (they may experience symptoms as mild as diarrhea to as severe as seizures). So, having Vet Dtox activated charcoal in your pet first aid kit will ensure you’re prepared for anything.

⚠️ If you suspect that your dog ingested something toxic, notify Animal Poison Control immediately: (888) 426-4435