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Get ready for the ultimate celebration of gratitude with our favorite Thanksgiving-themed cat and dog names. We partnered with FidoTabby Alert to pull the most fun and festive names in our pet database and share them with you for the holiday.

Whether you’re a proud cat parent or a doting dog owner, these names are sure to add an extra dash of happiness to your holiday season. Let’s dive into the fun and discover the perfect names that capture the spirit of thanks and the playfulness of our beloved pets!

Our favorite pet names about Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Cornbread
Sage Pecan
Maple Pie
Autumn Sweet Potato
Tater Harvest
Butter Leaf
Gravy Cranberry
Butterball Corn
Macaroni Casserole
Maize Yam
Cider Pilgrim
Turkey Mash
Wishbone Plymouth
Acorn Drumstick
Stuffing Mayflower
Gourd Stuffing
Green Bean Baste

Keep your pets safe this holiday

Have you signed up for FidoTabby Alert yet? If not, now’s the time. With guests coming for the holidays, it’s easy for your pup or cat to slip outside without you realizing. If your pet is registered with FTA, your chances of being reunited with them grow exponentially. Anyone who finds your pet can scan their unique QR code found on their tag and it’ll alert you that your pet is safe and ready to come home!

Sign up today and have peace of mind that your furry friend is protected.