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Look at you, a responsible pet parent 👍

We’re a team of storytellers, vets, and pet specialists who actually care about your dog (and you). We’re here to help you make smarter choices and deepen your relationship with your pet.

Meet our advisory team →

We cover life with pets

We write about the things that matter across four basic categories: health, care, life, and nutrition. And we make it simple.

Sometimes we even build things. Take this recall tracker, for example.

🔎 We scout top products and pick our favs

Think of us as your personal guide to the pet supplies that are worth your time and money.

man computing numbers

First, we turn expert insights and legitimate science into simple quality guidelines. Then, we share our recommendations so you can make smarter, healthier purchases for your furball.

here’s why that’s so necessary

Feast your eyes upon this gem from [site redacted]:

it was 😬

When pet parents Google ‘what vitamins does my dog need,’ they deserve help from a brand that cares more about their dog than affiliate fees. That’s us.

✍️ Editorial policy

We write things that are helpful and insightful. We build tools. We review foods and products so you don’t have to. Sometimes, we make money doing those things. It’s how our team of talented puppy lovers provide for their families.

But you already knew that.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible so that you don’t have to think twice about what you read or click. If you have any questions about how we work or think we got something wrong, shoot our EiC a note [email protected]