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The best indoor dog gates

Our favorite dog gates, reviewed

What we love: This retractable safety gate is a great option for those low on space or who don’t want to deal with storing something. It comes with all the hardware necessary and a template for easy installation. We also love that EasyBaby gate won’t scratch up your walls from having to put it up and take it down every time it’s in use, unlike other wall-mounted gates.

What customers say: A majority of the 8,200+ reviews on Amazon say that this mesh gate is a great option for both babies and pets. Customers loved the easy-to-install templates that come with the purchase but said it took a while to get used to the lock/unlock feature when opening and closing the gate.

Size: 33 inches tall, up to 55 inches wide.

What we love: What’s not to love about a high-quality, safe, and durable gate? This Cumbor Walk Thru Dog Gate features an auto-closing door (especially great for when your hands are full), two extension pieces to ensure it’ll fit in nearly any space, and narrow slats that small dogs can’t wriggle through. The pressure mounts are easy to use and keep the gate tightly in place, so you don’t have to worry about big dogs knocking it over if they jump on it.

What customers say: With a 4.6-star rating out of 5,600+ Amazon reviews, it’s safe to say this gate is a popular choice for dog owners. Customers love the auto-close feature on the gate door and that it stays open if pushed to 90 degrees. It was mentioned that if the directions weren’t followed closely, it could be tough to install. But if followed, the pressure mount installation wasn’t too tough and they stayed sturdy through months of use. Some customers recommended purchasing pressure mount cups to use with the gate to prevent it from scratching up your walls.

Size: 30.5 inches tall, 29.5 to 46 inches wide.

What we love: If you only need a gate for a little while, or you’d rather not deal with the hassle of mounting a gate, this freestanding pet gate from Richell is a great option. It’s made from high-quality hardwood and has rubber feet to prevent floor scratches. We love that it’s self-supporting and comes with easy assembly instructions to make set-up a breeze. This gate is only 20 inches tall which makes it easy to step over, but it’s not ideal for large dogs who may push it over or jump over it.

What customers say: Over 5,300 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon prove this to be a great option for dog owners. Customers love the look and quality of this gate, and the majority say that assembly was easier than expected. It was noted that, while great for small or elderly dogs who won’t try to escape, the 20” height makes it a less-than-ideal choice for larger or more athletic dogs who could possibly jump over it.

Size: Small: 20 inches tall, 26 to 40 inches wide. Large: 20 inches tall, 40 to 71 inches wide.

What we love: This easy-to-use, versatile dog gate from Carlson Pet Products is an awesome choice if you want to be able to use your gate in multiple spots in your house. Installation is simple and the rubber bumpers prevent the gate from damaging your walls as you use or move it. It also has a small pet door that allows your small pets to easily walk through without having to take the gate down.

What customers say: Customers are loving how easy it is to install this pet gate and comment on how sturdy it is. Some mentioned smaller dogs being able to get through the open small pet door, so they needed to keep it locked or had to figure out a way to make it smaller. It was also noted that the gate is the perfect height to be able to still step over, while deterring dogs from jumping over it.

Size: Medium: 24 inches tall, 26 to 38 inches wide. Small: 10 inches tall, 7 inches wide.

What we love: A pressure mount system makes this walk-through dog gate from Carlson Pet Products sturdy for dogs of all sizes. We also love that it comes with wall cups and rubber bumpers so you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls when assembling or taking it down. This is a great option for someone willing to pay a little more for a higher-end designer look. Plus, this Carlson gate has a 90-day warranty to make sure you absolutely love it.

What customers say: This gate has almost 2,000 reviews and a 4.4-star Amazon rating with “sturdiness” and “easy to install” being in the top-rated features. Customers noted that the gate will auto-close behind you, which is great when you have your hands full. One complaint some reviewers had was the latch takes a little getting used to, but they did enjoy the small animal gate to allow tinier pets to go to and from as they please.

Size: Regular: 30 inches tall, 30.5 to 33.5 inches wide. Small: 10 inches tall, 7 inches wide.

What we love: If you’re looking for a simple but sturdy dog gate, this freestanding gate from PAWLAND is a great option. It features an accordion-folding design and fits up to 60-inch (3 panels) or 80-inch (4 panels) openings. The beautiful wood finish makes it attractive in any home, and it offers non-slip rubber feet to prevent floor damage. And we love that no assembly is necessary — just set it up and it’s ready to use.

What customers say: With a 4.5-star rating and 1,400+ Amazon reviews, customers are fans of this freestanding gate. Reviewers love the ease of no assembly and the aesthetic of the wood finish. It was noted that it can be a little unstable if stretched too far and some dogs figured out how to push the side open enough to squeeze through, so it may be better suited for dogs who are smaller or less motivated to try and escape.

Size: 3-panel: 36 inches tall, 60 inches wide. 4-panel: 36 inches tall, 80 inches wide.

What we love: This extra tall dog gate from Carlson offers an easy-to-open latch and locking mechanism, plus a small pet door to allow your small animals to come and go as they please while still containing your dogs. It comes with all the hardware you need to install it — once the brackets are mounted on the wall, simply slide the gate into place and you’re good to go. You can also purchase an extension to add on another 24 inches to this gate if you have an even wider space you want to block off.

What customers say: Customers love the durability that this wall-mounted gate has to offer. While some prefer the mobility of the pressure mounts found on other gates, these wall anchors give a little extra security for those with bigger dogs. Some reviews mentioned dogs fitting through the small animal door, so keep in mind when using for small or medium-sized pups.

Size: Regular: 38 inches tall, 51 to 58 inches wide. Small: 10 inches tall, 7 inches wide.

Why do dog owners need dog gates?

Dog gates will keep your pup contained in a safe, comfortable, and appropriate area. Many dogs feel more comfortable having a designated space in the home that is ‘theirs,’ which also gives them some peace and quiet. Gates also help keep your doggies out of certain rooms in your house where they could get into things that are potentially dangerous to them or if you simply don’t want them to have access to that room. (As a bonus, they double as a baby safety gate and can help wrangle your small children at the same time!)

👉 Want your pup to get some extra outdoor time? Take a look at our vet-recommended doggie doors.

Things to consider when purchasing a dog gate

When shopping for the best dog gate for your home and pup, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

Material and quality. Pet gates are made of a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic, or sometimes a combination of these. The material you choose may depend on your dog’s temperament or strength (metal is sturdier for dogs who might test if a gate will budge) plus the aesthetic in your home (gates with wood accents have a higher-end look). Also, keep the material in mind if you plan on having an indoor/outdoor gate. For example, an outdoor retractable gate may not be a great option for those who live in the cold northern states or if it will be frequently exposed to other elements.

Security and durability. One of the first things to consider is the type of dog you have. Larger dogs or dogs with some spring in their step will need higher gates to prevent them from jumping over, while smaller dogs can usually get by with shorter gates. Or, if you have a heavy dog who might barrel into the gate as they romp down the hall, you’ll likely need something super secure to keep it in place.

Where your gate will be used. You also need to consider where you want to use your dog gate. Some gates can fit a variety of open spaces while others are designed to only block off narrow halls or doorways. It’s important to always measure the area you need to section off, don’t just guess.

👉 It’s not recommended to use any pet safety gates at the top of any stairs or on banisters for pet and child safety reasons.

Dog gate options

Freestanding dog gates. These gates stand on their own without needing to be attached to a wall or door frame, so they are easy to move around. They vary in size and can be adjusted to fit openings throughout your house. Freestanding gates are especially handy when you want to block off multiple areas in your home and don’t want the hassle of removing and reattaching a wall-mounted gate. These can sometimes be set up to create a playpen area for your pet as well.

Adjustable tension gates. Also called a pressure-mounted gate, this type of gate is another popular option to create a temporary barrier. They are fairly easy to install but can be more tedious than a freestanding gate if you plan to move it from spot to spot in your house. These gates use a scratch-resistant four-point pressure system (two on each side) against the wall or door frame for support rather than needing to be drilled in, so there’s less damage left behind when taken down.

👉 Keep in mind when using tension/pressure-mounted gates on wall spaces with baseboards. They will likely cause a larger opening at the bottom of the gate that some dogs may be able to wriggle under, or it could cause a tripping hazard when walking through or over.

Walk-through dog gates: Perfect for when you don’t want to detach and reassemble a gate over and over, walk-through pet gates can be freestanding or wall-mounted with a latched walk-thru gate. These allow you (and the other humans in your family) to easily pass through the gate without risk of tripping, all while keeping your pup confined. Some of these even come with small pet doors that you can leave open for your cats and other small pets to come and go as they please.

Retractable dog gates: A retractable baby gate can usually double as a dog gate and is a great option for those who want something that can essentially disappear when not in use. These gates need to be permanently mounted to the wall for support, so they’re best to use when you don’t need to use a gate in multiple areas and plan to use it regularly.