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Brown and white Border collie resembling Lassie

Dogs have stolen hearts for ages, so it’s no wonder that our televisions have been filled with them. Here are 14 famous dogs over the decades that families have fallen in love with.

1. Rin Tin Tin

Rin Tin Tin , or “Rinty”, was a German shepherd who was found in war-ravaged France during World War I. When he made it to America with soldier Lee Duncan, Rin Tin Tin’s life made a drastic change. By 1925, he had starred in so many movies that the German shepherd was the most sought-after breed in the United States. In the decades to follow, he starred in a total of 27 live-action films! His descendants even continued the legacy by becoming famous dog actors as well.

2. Scooby-Doo

Who is everyone’s favorite Great Dane from childhood? Why Scooby-Doo, of course! Starting in the 1960s, Scooby has been an integral part of every child’s afternoon by helping the Mystery Gang solve the big puzzles and mysteries.

(c) NY Post

3. Toto

Maybe one of the most famous dogs of all is Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Toto was played by Terry, a Cairn terrier, who was loved by all. Some accounts say that her co-star Judy Garland wanted to adopt her by the end of the movie. Being a daring and outgoing pup — she did all her own stunts in The Wizard of Oz! — Terry was able to star in 23 different films.

4. Hobo

Hobo was a famous German shepherd who happened to hail from the Canadian TV show The Littlest Hobo. He was a beloved character that would wander from town to town and help those in need. As a stray, he was never actually named, but the people would always lovingly call him “Hobo.”

5. Air Bud

Air Bud was a Golden retriever who stole everyone’s heart when he accidentally led his middle school basketball team to victory. The movie was such a success that he went on to try his paw at various other sports, such as soccer and volleyball. He even got his puppies in on the action in 2006’s “Air Buddies.”

(c) Us Weekly

6. Santa’s Little Helper

Here is a dog that was neither super great nor super incredible, but we all loved him just the same. Santa’s Little Helper has been a star on The Simpson’s since day 1 and keeps reminding us that even our ordinary dogs are extraordinary.

7. Lady

This little Cocker spaniel set the bar high for romantic dates in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. Her spaghetti scene with the Tramp has inspired many pictures and videos taken on dates trying to get the mood just right.

8. Pete the Pup

This American pit bull terrier was the loyal canine sidekick to the Little Rascals. This lovable sidekick was played by the infamous Pal the Wonder Dog (although often referred to as Pete or Petey after his famous role). When Pal passed away, he was given a proper burial in Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in Calabasas.

9. Wishbone

This spunky Jack Russell terrier would take children on journeys through classic literary adventures and would often imagine these stories with himself as the hero. The show was nominated for and won many awards and high praise for its content and for not dumbing down the stories and their meanings.

10. Old Yeller

Old Yeller was a beloved Labrador retriever in a short story about best friends between people and their loving animals. In the story, Old Yeller protects his boy from wild animals when he gets bit and contracts rabies. This heartbreaking story ends with the sudden death of Old Yeller and the anguish the people left behind go through.

11. Lassie

Another short story star, Lassie, is a rough collie who has seen plenty of air time on the big screen and TV. It’s the story of a collie who goes through numerous adventures and trials to save her loved ones. One interesting fact about Lassie is that she has been exclusively played on screen by male dogs. The first Lassie was played by a collie named Pal, and every Lassie since has been one of his descendants.

12. Marmaduke

Marmaduke is another Great Dane to make the cut! This lovable guy was the star of a newspaper comic strip from 1954 to 2015. The story shows his mischievous antics as he and his family move from Kansas to California.

13. Laika

Laika was a Russian stray mutt. She was the first dog in space and the first animal to orbit the planet. The Soviet Union personnel who worked with her named her Little Curly, Little Bug, and Little Lemon. The name that was popularized around the world is the Russian name for a mutt that looks like a husky.

14. Hooch

In the movie that put the Dogue de Bordeaux on the big screen for Americans, Hooch helps police officer Scott Turner find the murderer of Hooch’s beloved owner. This movie was so influential it caused a wave of interest in the breed and brought it to America.

Dogue de Bordeaux dog that resembles the character Hooch

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. We can’t help but love them and give them praise and adoration! And like John Wick would say, “It’s not just a dog.”