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Saluki dog posing with ribbons

The essentials

  • You’ll spend lots of time outside — Salukis love to hunt and run, so they need time to burn off energy, preferably with your help.
  • Find a comfortable place to cuddle — They might be reserved dogs, but Saluki care means cuddle time with their people.
  • No, they aren’t underweight — Prepare for other dog owners to question your Saluki’s health thanks to its signature thin, lean frame.

Grooming 101: How to care for a Saluki’s coat

You might assume that this dog breed once treasured by kings has high-maintenance grooming needs, but that isn’t the case with Salukis. They have two types of coats, feathered and smooth, and both are equally easy to maintain. Brush them a few times a week, paying special attention to the tail and ears for feathered coats. Some Saluki owners use a dog snood, or cover for their ears and neck, to keep their long ears out of their food during mealtimes.

Snoods protect the ear feather. Ear feathers should be long and full, and snoods help with that.

Chastine Wyatt

Trainer & Saluki show champion

Other basic grooming tasks that dog owners should get their Saluki used to from an early age include nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. A bath every three months or so should be sufficient unless your Saluki gets dirty or, for show dogs, needs to prepare for the runway.

👉 Check out our guide on pampering your dog for inspiration on ways you can spoil your Saluki.

The best exercises for a Saluki

Salukis have low-maintenance grooming needs, but you’ll make up the time in exercise and training. These high-energy dogs cannot sit and stay. Here are a few tips:

  • Give them space — Salukis can run as fast as 35 miles per hour, so they’ll need plenty of room to stretch their legs. A home with ample, fenced-in space is ideal for this breed.
  • Provide plentiful exercise — Salukis, historically, worked as hunters, so it’s no surprise that they thrive with vigorous exercise. Time, space, and stimulation to burn off their pent-up energy are musts every day.
  • Involve the entire family — Whether exercising or relaxing, Salukis need attention. A toy in the backyard won’t be enough for this breed — exercise should involve bonding and interaction with their family.

Diet and nutrition

Some dogs may only thrive on a specific diet or type of food, but overall, healthy Salukis do well on a high-quality commercial or homemade pet food approved by a licensed vet nutritionist. Like all dog breeds, the appropriate dog food for their stage in life is essential. Follow your veterinarian’s recommendations on the best puppy, adult, or senior dog foods.

👉 Generally, 1¾-2¾ cups divided into two meals is the recommended amount for adult Salukis, but always follow your vet’s guidelines.

Keep these things in mind when it comes to your Saluki’s dietary needs:

  • Salukis are naturally thin. Many people incorrectly think they are malnourished — understand what a healthy weight looks like for your dog.
  • Many are picky eaters. Choosing the right dog food might take time and patience. The wrong food or abruptly switching foods might result in an upset stomach.
  • Some people foods are okay. Safe human foods for your dog depends on the food. Some herbs are dog safe and may even help with inflammation, but consult your vet before using them.
  • Always provide fresh drinking water. This applies to all pets. Unless otherwise instructed by your vet, always make fresh, clean drinking water available.

Cost of caring for Salukis

When Salukis are healthy, the costs are routine and fairly low compared to breeds more prone to health problems or intensive grooming needs. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to spend on your Saluki.

Average monthly costs of a Saluki

Dry food $20 - $143
Grooming $0 - $50
Supplements $8 - $150
Toys $2 - $200
Treats $12 - $80+
Training $0 - $250+
Routine vet care $1 - $100*
Insurance $32 - $54
Yearly total $900 - $12,324

Some of these prices cover special needs that will not apply to all dogs. Additionally, veterinarian costs vary depending on the area, the pet insurance plan you select, and your dog’s lifestyle. It’s a good idea to maintain a pet budget for your Saluki. 

In the case of show dogs, costs can be substantially higher. Owners who plan to enter their dogs in competitive shows may want to prepare for some sticker shock, as much as $250,000.

Frequently asked questions

How often should you bathe a Saluki?

Unless your Saluki has gotten dirty while out playing, one bath a season, or every three months, should be enough for this energetic breed.

Why shouldn’t dogs be bathed daily?

Bathing your dog too much can result in dried-out skin. The symptoms are itching and flaking, which not only will take away the luster of their coat, but also be very irritating for your Saluki.

How do you entertain a Saluki?

Salukis are very intelligent as well as athletic. One of the best ways to keep them occupied is with agility courses. This allows them to exercise their body as well as practice the hunting techniques they were bred for.