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Saluki dog training

The essentials

  • Saluki training requires patience — As intelligent, independent dogs, Salukis can be more difficult to train than other dog breeds.
  • Use positive reinforcement — Salukis respond better to treats and praise (and the lack of those rewards) than aversive training methods.
  • Consider a trainer — Professionals know how to train your independent dog, making it a better experience for you both.

Training your Saluki at home

Salukis are intelligent dogs, but unlike other clever breeds, that intelligence doesn’t come with an eagerness to please. That makes training this spirited breed more difficult but far from impossible. Here are four strategies to implement with your Saluki:

  1. Crate training. Crate training benefits dogs that need a quiet respite from busy households and when travel is necessary.
  2. Obedience training. This training teaches basic commands and socialization for common situations. While Salukis are a calmer breed, obedience training is still a good idea.
  3. Grooming training. Grooming is more than a quick brush. Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing are all part of grooming. Without the proper preparation, this can be a traumatic experience for both of you.
  4. Canine courses and agility sports. As a highly-intelligent hunting breed, Salukis benefit from canine courses and agility training to help exercise their minds and bodies.

Salukis were born to hunt. They are fast, and when something triggers their prey drive, like squirrels, cats, deer, and sometimes vehicles, even trained Salukis will ignore commands to stay. Train your dog while leashed or in a yard with a high, sturdy fence that your dog cannot jump.

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Training programs, doggie daycare, and other public places

Deciding when you need professional versus DIY training or even dog daycare can be tricky. Keep reading for more insight on when your dog needs expert help.

When to seek professional training

While owners can train a Saluki at home, their care requires patience and time, which might be a challenge for new owners less experienced when it comes to dog training. Because of this, it may be wise to look for a professional trainer experienced with training Salukis and other sighthounds.

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers has a directory featuring trainers across the United States, allowing you to select the right trainer for you and your dog.

Daycare should be a last resort

Salukis bond with their people; it’s part of their personality. They often exhibit separation anxiety when their families are gone for long periods. Doggie daycare may be the only reliable option when you’re away, but Salukis, particularly those with separation anxiety, might struggle with unfamiliar surroundings and new and different dogs. There are ways to help, including anxiety medications and natural remedies, but it’s still a stressful situation.

Frequently asked questions

Which dog is better for hunting, Saluki or a Spanish greyhound?

This depends on the terrain they are hunting on. Salukis are well adapted to hunting in a desert climate while the Spanish greyhound is well suited to a more varied and lush terrain.

Is a Saluki too much to handle for a first-time owner?

Probably, yes. First-time dog owners may struggle with this intelligent but independent breed. A different large-breed dog, the greyhound, for instance, might be a better fit for novice dog owners.

Can Salukis be off a lead?

Salukis have a powerful prey drive, and when combined with their excellent speed, going off lead can be dangerous for your Saluki and whatever they have identified as prey. Excellent training may help, but avoid going off-leash with your dog when possible.