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8 best cat beds for 2023, approved by vets

Updated April 10, 2024

We’ve tested and reviewed the best cat beds on the market so you don’t have to!

Cats are notorious for sleeping in strange places. If it’s time to invest in a new bed for your cat, look no further than these perfect cat beds! The betterpet team tested these out in-house to see which cat beds are the best and which ones should stay on the shelf. We looked at comfort, price, durability, and the cutest cat beds around.

Keep reading to find the perfect cat bed for you and your pet!

Best cat beds, reviewed

#1 Best overall: Best Pet Soft Pet Tent

Feedback from testing this soft-sided pet tent

“As far as cat beds go, I think this is a great product. It allows cats to hide, rest comfortably, and be warm (important during cooler months). I don’t know if it’d be great for small dogs, but my cats love it.”

We love this soft tent bed as an enclosed cat bed since it allows pets to feel safe and comfortable but also offers pet owners a chance to easily peek in on their cats as they sleep.

pros cons
✓ Satisfies a cat's desire to hide ✗ None!
✓ Roomy on the inside (fits 2+ cats)
✓ Removable mat for easy washing
✓ Wider opening for chonky cats
Best cat bed Tent Soft-Bed cats sleeping

#2 Best window view: EZ Mount Townhouse

Would we recommend this window cat bed?

One of our editors, Allison, tested this cat bed out with her cat, Zuko. Here’s what she observed:

“After a few cautious sniffs, our tester hopped right in and flopped on the microfleece pad. In early tests, he stuck to the inside, but the top of the townhouse is also meant for dozing. We tested it on a window next to a chest of drawers, which gave our cat a launching pad, but otherwise, it could be a bit of a leap for even the springiest of cats from the floor to window height.“

pros cons
✓ Room with a view- this townhouse provides a great view and soft place to lay ✗ Slightly confusing directions- some of the directions with the suction cups seemed contradictory
✓ (Fairly) easy setup ✗ Takes up space. A glass door or picture window would be ideal
✓ Can accommodate more than one cat

Some takeaways about the EZ townhouse

When it came to this window cat bed, Allison ultimately recommended it, but this isn’t a standard hanging cat bed. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider adding the EZ townhouse to your shopping cart.

The EZ townhouse is big. This isn’t a small cat condo, so in addition to the height off the floor, you’ll want to be sure that your cat can make the jump from the floor, or another surface, into or on top of the condo.

It uses six suction cups. Many cat owners, particularly those who have bigger cats, might be apprehensive about this. For our tester, though, the six suction cups were more than sufficient. Still, test it out by applying pressure on it, and don’t leave your cat unattended around it initially.

The instructions could be clearer. When putting the EZ townhouse together, Allison found that it gave two different methods for prepping suction cups to adhere to the window: one involved soaking them in hot water, the other cleaning the cups and windows. For her, the second method worked best.

It’s big enough for two cats. Perhaps pretty evident from the picture, the condo has more than enough room for two cats to enjoy the view and sunshine. You’ll want to be sure that your window and the suction cups can support the extra weight and any strain resulting from playtime.

Best cat bed EZ Mount Townhouse

#3 Best for plushy comfort: Modern Soft Plus Round Pet Bed

Feedback from testing this modern plush cat bed

“Petra, who loves fluffy things, seems less interested in it, which surprises me. But several of my other cats—particularly Sherlock—really like this donut-shaped bed. It’s incredibly fluffy, and while I’m not sure how durable it’ll be long-term, it’s a good choice for the price. Also, the overall shape of it seems to be a hit for my cats!”

pros cons
✓ Reusable, vacuum-sealed bag ✗ Could use more padding on the bottom
✓ It's so fluffy! ✗ The cover isn't removable
✓ Thick sidewalls for a sense of safety
Best cat bed Bodiseint plush bed

#4 Best for small spaces: Tempcore Cat Bed

What we thought about the Tempcore Cat Bed

Beth Ann, one of our wonderful writers, tested this cat bed with her cat, Chester, and found it was a great option! Ideal for medium or small cats, it’s a good choice for smaller homes, such as apartments.

Beth Ann said this was an “extremely comfortable cat bed.”

pros cons
✓ This is so soft, we’d nap in it ✗ It was a bit small for a larger cat
✓ It’s a nice, neutral color ✗ The “frame” seems easy to scratch up
✓ Small and easy to stash
✓ Bed part feels soft but durable
Best cat bed tempcore

#5 Best enclosed cat bed: Durkha Cave Bed

Feedback from testing the Durkha felt cave bed

“I wasn’t sure if it would be big enough initially, but it’s been a great place for my bigger cat, Midnight, to snooze in. It’s warm on the inside and durable, and my cats seem to like it! As a rule, I try to avoid getting my cats’ beds and blankets dirty, but I feel like hand washing or washing it on a delicate cycle with a gentle detergent will be fine.”

pros cons
✓ Colorful and easy to spot in the room ✗ The entry hole could be a bit bigger
✓ Holds a rigid shape really well
Best cat bed Durkha cat cave cat in bed

#6 Best stylish cat bed: Frisco Modern Tunnel Cat Bed

What we thought about the Frisco Tunnel Cat Bed

“This cat bed is great, particularly if you have cats that enjoy tunneling into blankets or hiding in caves. The plush white bottom poses a lick obsession risk, but the fluff doesn’t come loose, so there’s no choking hazard. It fits nicely in the corner of our living room, so it doesn’t take up too much space, and since it’s gray, it blends with our furniture pretty seamlessly.”

pros cons
✓ Extremely easy to assemble ✗ The assembly, while easy, took a bit of time due to aligning the parts and setup
✓ It's a decent looking bed, so it doesn't look hideous in our living room
✓ The cats seem to love it as it offers a protective tunnel
✓ Can operate as a perch as well
Frisco Modern Tunnel Elevated Cat Bed

#7 Best on a budget: Sleep Zone Cushion Pet Bed

What we thought about the Ethical Pet Sleep Zone Bed

“It’s very cozy. I’d love to take a nap in it.”

Beth Ann also tested this comfortable bed with Chester. She didn’t have any negative feedback about this pet bed or any precautions pet owners should take. Chester loved it!

pros cons
✓ Very soft bed that the cat loved ✗ None!
✓ It's also easy to store
Best cat bed ethical pet bed

#8 Best cardboard cat bed: MSBC 2 in 1 Cat Cardboard Lounge Bed

Would we recommend the MSBC cardboard lounger?

“As a disposable cat bed, I think it’s a great choice. It has a unique shape while also providing a surface that cats love (and there are memes to prove it!) I wouldn’t get it with any anticipation of longevity; it’s not durable because it isn’t designed to be durable. But, as a scratching post and lounger, it’s perfect.”

pros cons
✓ It has a modern style to it, which is nice ✗ Nothing, I think it's great for its purpose
✓ I like that it has two pieces
✓ The general shape of it makes it easy for the cats to lounge on
Best cat bed cardboard scratching lounge bed

Cat beds we didn’t love

While we try to select cat beds that will be a hit, there’s always one or two that don’t quite measure up. Here are two popular cat beds we tried out but didn’t love. We believe that you should be informed as you shop for your kitty in 2023, so here are the beds that we recommend you reconsider.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat

Taylor, one of our betterpet writers, tested out this mat. While she did like that it was smaller and could easily be tucked away, she didn’t recommend this cat bed. From Taylor:

“This product is not worth the cost and may be more trouble than it’s worth. Cats will chew on the plug, and it’s made of a plush-like material that attracts hair. It does not heat up at all, and so it does not work as advertised.”

VIPACE Cat Hammock

We tested out this wall-mounted cat hammock and it just didn’t live up to expectations. While the bed portion is removable and very soft, the wood didn’t have any type of finish on it whatsoever, providing no protection against stains or scratches. The wood was also  incredibly soft and easily dented and damaged in our attempts to install the hammock.

Additionally, the package didn’t come with the necessary hardware for putting it up, so this cat bed fell apart with the first jump. Nothing on it was standard either, so improvising was mostly out of the question. Overall not recommended.

How to pick the right cat beds

Cats are known for being finicky. We often think that there is no rhyme or reason to why a cat will like one thing over another but, just like us, cats have preferences. Understanding cat body language can help you decipher what they like and make informed decisions!

👉 Cats have powerful noses, so if your cat is mean-mugging their new bed, swap it out for one made of natural materials. 

Here are our tips to keep in mind when shopping for a cat bed:

Your cat’s comfort

To begin with, you’ll want to know how your cat sleeps. Like their people, not all cats sleep in the same position. While cats might get comfortable in any position anywhere, they do tend to have their preferences, so observe your cat to learn about their favorite position and place.

Best cat bed bodiseint plush bed cats

Zorro likes to curl into a ball on softer surfaces, while Batman typically prefers to stretch out anywhere he chooses to lay—like in the BODISEINT cat bed.

You’ll want to select a bed that fits their size and isn’t too big, or too small. For cats that like to curl up, beds with a thick side wall can provide the comfort that they like, while mat-like beds might be a great choice for those that like to spread out.

Additionally, consider your pet’s needs. For cats dealing with joint issues, consider one with a smaller lip and an orthopedic mattress rather than an elevated cat bed.

Cleaning and longevity

Unless your cat bed isn’t designed to last (like the cardboard lounger we tested), it’s important to consider how washable and durable it is. Look at past reviews from shoppers, or explore the best list to see how our tested items held up, and choose one that meets your expectations.

👉 Pet beds with removable covers are a great way to ensure that moisture from washing doesn’t get trapped in the padding of your pet’s favorite lounge spot.

Why trust betterpet?

The writers, editors, and staff of betterpet are pet parents, and we know the value of accurate, trustworthy information. We tested these cat beds in-house, so you can trust that when we say these are the best cat beds out there, it’s true.

How we test our cat beds

Regardless of who does the testing or what kind of pet they have, the same standards apply. Here are the four points we test our cat beds against:

  • Features. We look at the features of each cat bed, like if it’s durable or easily attracts hair. Our testers evaluate how well the cat bed performed with those features in mind.
  • Durability. For cat beds, we also pay attention to how durable each bed is. After all, you don’t purchase a cat bed with the expectation that you’ll have to replace it quickly! We want to be able to tell you how durable a cat bed is so you can make an informed decision when buying the best cat bed out there.
  • Cleanliness. Our testers also considered how easy it was to clean each cat bed. Is it a simple matter of taking off a cover or using a hand-vac, or will cleaning the bed mean you’ll have to take it apart completely?
  • Comfort. Our testers also looked at how comfortable the cat bed was for both pets and their people. We considered the design of the beds and how it fits in with home décor, like the stylish elevated cat bed.

Frequently asked questions

Do cats prefer open or covered beds?

While this depends entirely on the cat, many cats prefer enclosed beds. For cats that have an anxious disposition or are new to the home, having a place to hide and feel safe is important. Consider cave beds, or even leaving a carrier open and accessible for cats.

Do cats prefer soft or hard beds?

Typically cats prefer softer surfaces, but this doesn’t mean cats won’t happily snooze on hardwood or tile floors. Ultimately, it depends on your cat’s preferences and needs at the time.

Where should you put a cat bed?

Placing a cat bed in a sunny location is always a good way to make it more appealing to your cat. You can also use catnip to entice cats, or put an enclosure over the bed to create a safe, dark place for cats to nap. Ultimately, though, cats may or may not choose to use the cat bed you get them.

Should I invest in a cat bed?

Having at least one cat bed is a great idea. Cats will sleep anywhere and everywhere, but cat beds are a great way to encourage them to sleep in a designated area. Although not a guarantee, it can help dissuade them from sleeping on countertops, pillows, etc.