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Dog paw booties

Dog booties in The Lab.

While dog booties are a cute accessory, they’re more necessary than some pet parents realize. Boots protect your dog’s paws against elements that may be hard to walk on, such as gravel, ice, or debris. This is especially true for adventurous dogs that love to hike on rough terrain. Booties can even prevent your pup from falling on slick surfaces or burning their paw pads on hot concrete.

But with so many options it’s hard to know which pair is best suited for your pup. Our team reviewed and tested the most popular dog booties on the market. We reviewed these products ourselves against the following criteria: materials, durability, waterproof, nighttime visibility, and packaging. After receiving feedback from our vet and firsthand testing, we decided that these are the best dog booties on the market.

Dog booties we reviewed

Our top pick

These top-of-the-line dog boots from Muttluks are made to last. Thanks to the booties’ elastic cuffs and a wide range of sizes, you can find the perfect fit for your pup! They’re machine washable and reflective for nighttime wear. While they’re among the more expensive sets of dog booties out there, we believe the quality and performance of Muttluks make them worth the price.

  • The “try on” test. These booties were super easy to put on our dog. There’s an adjustable strap that creates a snug fit around your dog’s leg but is soft enough to not cause uncomfortable rubbing.
  • Materials. These materials are meant to impress! Muttluks were the only dog booties we tested without rubber soles. Instead, the booties have leather soles and nylon exteriors, which are both waterproofed.
  • Durability. These booties seem incredibly durable due to the high quality of materials and the excellent fit they would offer a dog of any size.
  • Waterproof. These boots are waterproofed and the soles are also salt resistant.
  • Nighttime visibility. There are thick, reflective straps on each boot that provide great visibility for nighttime walks. When we shined a flashlight on the booties, they were very bright and noticeable.
  • Packaging. These were packaged in a reusable mesh bag that will ensure the booties are always kept together. Muttluks had the leading packaging of all the dog booties we reviewed.

What our vet thinks

Dr. Irish said the materials of these booties seem to be durable and easy to clean. She says dog booties need to have a snug fit and based on some reviews, these booties could run large. Always be sure to check the sizing chart before ordering a pair of dog boots.

Best for hiking

These RUFFWEAR booties are great for any dog that wants to get off the beaten path! The rubber-soled bottoms provide support and traction to prevent your pup from slipping while on a hike. There’s a small reflective piece on each of the adjustable straps, but we think these boots would be better for daytime use. Also, these booties come with two in a pack, so if you want to protect all four of your pup’s paws, you’ll need to order two sets.

  • The “try on” test. These booties go on very easily, with one strap that wraps over the top of each boot to secure it. They not only went on well, but they stayed on our dog for the duration of the walking test.
  • Materials. The soles on these boots are rubber and flexible, while the tops are made from a mesh fabric to allow for airflow.
  • Durability. The RUFFWEAR booties seem to be durable given the sturdy rubber soles. The breathable material is neatly sewn and seems like it would hold up for more arduous wear.
  • Waterproof. These booties aren’t waterproof. While the rubber soles would protect your dog’s paws from water on the ground, the mesh part wouldn’t keep them dry from falling rain.
  • Nighttime visibility. There are some reflective elements on both the bottoms and straps of these boots. However, they’re not the most reflective boots compared to the others we reviewed. So, we’d probably skip these if you’re looking for a highly reflective option.
  • Packaging. These booties arrived in a cardboard sleeve and were wrapped in plastic to keep them clean during transit.

What our vet thinks

Dr. Irish likes the design of these booties and thinks the rubber soles are made to be durable and sturdy. After reading some reviews that mentioned the tightness of these booties, she pointed out to always be sure the booties aren’t bunching up under your dog’s dew claws (the extra toe on the inside of the front leg). This can be irritating and uncomfortable.

Best for cold weather

The Bark Brite booties are a great option for dogs in cold climates because they’re tall and lined with a soft, warm material. Each bootie features two straps. And while it may be tricky to get them on the first few times, the two-strap design creates a snug, but comfortable fit for your dog’s paw. They’re rubber-soled and also have reflective detailing for nighttime walks.

  • The “try on” test. These booties were a little challenging to put on our dog since there are two straps instead of just one. There’s one strap at the top and bottom of the booties, so you can secure them around your pup’s paws and lower legs. But, we thought it was challenging to secure the straps. However, once we got these boots on our dog, they did stay secure during our test walk around the block.
  • Materials. These booties are made of a neoprene material that feels very durable. The inside is made of a soft, furry fabric to keep your dog’s paws warm, even in the snow.
  • Durability. The materials, including the rubber soles, provide good durability for long-term use.
  • Waterproof. When tested with water, the outside of the booties felt a little damp. The water absorbed into the boot rather than rolling off. There was a bit of dampness inside, so these may be best for light rain and snow but not heavy precipitation.
  • Nighttime visibility. Each of the booties has a reflective coating on the straps.
  • Packaging. These dog boots arrived in a small, reusable pouch that’s perfect to store them in after each use.

What our vet thinks

Dr. Irish likes that these booties seem to be very adjustable due to the dual straps. This can ensure a snug and secure fit for many different paw sizes.

Best for rain

This set of booties from EXPAWLORER is designed with a double velcro strap on each boot, which creates a very secure fit. They’re waterproof with rubber soles and come in eight different sizes. There’s also traction on the bottom of the boots to prevent dogs from slipping, especially in the rain.

  • The “try on” test. Despite having two straps per boot like the Brite Bark boots, these were easier to secure on our dog’s paws. They have a secure fit and our dog was unable to get them off. We found that these boots run true to size.
  • Materials. These booties are made of a leather-feeling material and neoprene fabric. While these seem like decent booties, we don’t believe they’d last as long as some of the higher-end options like Muttluks. However, they’re a good option for dog owners who want to try booties with their pets before committing to an expensive pair.
  • Durability. These seem to be constructed well and would hold up against occasional use.
  • Waterproof. When tested with water, these booties remained dry on the inside.
  • Nighttime visibility. The straps have reflective stitching that’s not very noticeable to the eye but shines under a flashlight.
  • Packaging. These booties were packaged in a small cardboard box.

What our vet thinks

Dr. Irish had nothing but good things to say about these booties. She noted that the materials seemed of good quality and they would be durable over time.

Our research process 

Why you should trust our reviews

  • Dr. Erica Irish helped us formulate this list — Our veterinarian reviewed each set of dog booties on our list and gave her advice and insight into the products. She’s an unbiased source who ranked her favorites while sharing likes and dislikes about each option.
  • We ordered and paid for these products — None of the dog booties on our list were sponsored or gifted to us. We’re not paid to promote any of the products listed here, rather, we used our resources so we could review them objectively.
  • We trialed and tested these dog booties — Our editor graded these products against our review criteria and put them to the test on her dog. We thoroughly examined each product to give accurate feedback and reviews.

How we picked

Dog wearing blue dog booties.

Our pup wearing RUFFWEAR’s dog booties.

To ensure we recommended only the very best dog booties for your furry friend, we started with thorough research. We looked at popular dog boots on the internet and avoided booties that didn’t have ties or velcros on the top. These types of booties can be difficult to keep on your dog’s feet. Our veterinarian helped us narrow down our list before we ordered products to test. Then, we gave the dog booties to our editor to test firsthand with her dog, Polly. After reviewing in person, we chose our “top pick,” the product that ranked the highest in all our criteria.

At first glance

On paper, here’s a glance at how our recommended dog booties compare to each other.

Boots ranked according to the price per boot, from lowest to highest

Product *Price Amount Price per boot
Bark Brite All Weather Reflective Dog Boots $27.30 4 boots $6.83
EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Boots $30.99 4 boots $7.75
Muttluks All Weather Dog Boots $70.00 4 boots $17.50
RUFFWEAR Outdoor Dog Booties $37.50 2 boots $18.75

*Price on Amazon or Chewy at the time of our review

How we tested these products

Our editor and veterinarian determined the most important criteria when it comes to choosing quality dog booties. Then, our editor reviewed and tested the booties with her dog using the following criteria:

  • The “try on” test. We tried each of these medium-sized dog booties on a 1-year-old, English cream golden retriever. We took her for a walk around the block to see if and how these booties would stay on her paws.
  • Materials. We examined each set of booties and reviewed what materials they used and how they looked in person.
  • Durability. Using these booties on a dog helped us understand how durable they are and whether they’ll hold up in the long term.
  • Waterproof. We tested each bootie by pouring water on it and then checking the inside and outside for dampness.
  • Nighttime visibility. We tested the reflective surfaces on each set of booties with a flashlight.
  • Packaging. We noted how each set of booties arrived and what materials were used in packaging them.

Honorable mention 

This set of dog booties is popular on the internet and other reviewers have recommended them. However, after reviewing, we decided not to include these on our final list. Here’s why:

Petbobi Waterproof Dog Shoes. While these booties were waterproof as advertised, we felt that the materials would quickly wear out over time. We didn’t like that they didn’t feature any reflective elements for added safety. The booties arrived with dirt on the bottoms as if they had been used and returned. We believe pet parents should opt for one of the other four options on our list instead.

What else should pet parents consider?

Does your dog need booties?

Yes, dog booties can help protect your dog’s feet, especially in cold or hot weather. These are a must for pet owners who live in cold climates. They’re also beneficial for dogs to wear in the summer when asphalt streets and concrete sidewalks are extremely hot.

The benefits of booties

Besides being an adorable accessory, dog booties provide protection and support for your pup in the following ways.

  • Snow, ice, and salt protection. Booties keep your dog’s paws warm in cold and snowy weather and also protect them from sharp ice and abrasive salt that can cause damage to their paw pads.
  • Barrier against hot asphalt. If you live in warmer climates you’ll know how the sun can heat concrete and sidewalks to unbearable temperatures. Booties will protect your dog’s paws from getting burnt on hot pavement.
  • Keep foxtails, rocks, and sharp objects away from paws. Booties provide a safe barrier between your pup’s paws and anything sharp or dangerous they might encounter while out on a walk.
  • Prevents slipping in the house. If you have an older dog that can’t walk well, booties can provide support for indoor use and help them find traction on smooth surfaces.
  • Help dogs with allergies. Dogs with contact dermatitis or seasonal allergies can benefit from the paw protection of booties.

What to look for in dog booties

Here’s what to look for when shopping for dog boots.

  • Waterproof. This element keeps your dog’s feet dry in rain or snow.
  • Traction. Traction on the bottom of the booties ensures your dog doesn’t slip and slide.
  • Reflective elements. This safety feature is important for you and your dog to stay visible at night.
  • Fasteners. Often made of velcro, sturdy straps keep the boots secure on your dog’s feet.
  • Quality materials. Well-made booties should be durable and long-lasting.

Here’s how to measure your dog’s paws

Just like with us humans, finding the perfect fitting “boot” is essential for your dog’s comfort. Here’s how to measure your dog’s paws to buy the right-sized booties.

  1. Measure both the length and the width of your dog’s paws. Measure the length from the heel to the tip of the toenail, and measure the width at the widest part of your dog’s foot.
  2. To get an accurate measurement, use a tracing. Placing your dog’s paw on a piece of paper, trace each edge with a pencil, and then measure the tracing.
  3. Measure all four paws. Sometimes rear feet are smaller than front feet. If this is the case, size down for a secure fit.

One of the bootie brands we recommended, RUFFWEAR, created a helpful video to see paw measuring in action.

👉 Each manufacturer makes its own sizes, so it’s important to review measurements before you buy.

How to get your dog used to wearing booties

It may take training and patience to get your dog used to comfortable with boots because most dogs aren’t used to shoes on their feet! Here are a few easy steps to get Fido comfortable with their new kicks.

  1. Let your dog sniff the boot. Introduce the booties to your dog first through their sense of smell.
  2. Put the bootie on your dog for short periods. Allow your dog to wear the booties indoors for ten to fifteen minutes so they can get used to walking in them.
  3. Repeat the process until your dog becomes more familiar with them. Leave the booties on for a bit longer each time, eventually going on short walks outdoors when they feel comfortable.
  4. Always reward with treats and praise. Shower your pup with belly rubs and a treat for a job well done!

Alternatives to booties

Dog boots may not be the best option for every dog. Here are some alternatives to booties that’ll protect your dog’s paw pads and prevent injuries.

  • Paw balms. Paw balms are another great way to protect your dog’s paws from cold weather. Paw balms are a great choice for dogs that simply refuse to wear booties. Our favorite paw balm for winter weather protection is Musher’s Secret.
  • Avoid walks during the hottest part of the day. Sidewalks or paths made of concrete absorb heat and can be especially hot during the middle of the day. Going for a walk first thing in the morning or evening will allow time for sidewalks to cool off during the summer months.
  • Trim fur between your dog’s toes. Long hair surrounding your dog’s paw pads can catch debris while they walk, or even cause them to slip and injure themselves. It’s best to keep the hair in between and surrounding their paws short . This is usually not an issue for short hair breeds.
  • Wipe your dog’s paws after walks. Cleaning your dog’s paws after a walk with wipes can eliminate anything that may have been caught there, such as gravel or debris. It also gives you a chance to check for injuries and apply paw balm as needed.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most comfortable dog booties?

After our review process, we believe Muttluck’s dog booties are the best.

Are dog booties a good idea?

Absolutely. Dog booties protect a dog’s paws against things they might step on, cold and hot weather conditions, and from slipping and injuring themselves.

Are booties bad for dogs?

Only if you keep them on your dog’s feet for long periods and don’t give your dog’s feet time to breathe. Dog booties that are too tight could squeeze your dog’s paws and cut off their circulation, so it’s important to only put booties on them that fit.

How do I get my dog’s booties to stay on?

Make sure you buy booties that fit your dog’s feet and have velcro ties to help keep them snug.