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Small do sleeping in a dog crate

The best crates and kennels for dogs

Best dog crates and kennels reviews

What we love: Our favorite dog crate for small dogs is hands down the Diggs Revol Dog Crate. Besides the fact that this crate is designed with baby industry standards in mind to keep your dog safe, it’s perfect for small dogs and puppies alike. The crate comes with a puppy divider so that it can easily grow with your pup. Plus, its removable tray makes it super easy to clean.

What customers say: Reviewers love the crate’s sturdy and easy-to-assemble design, with many saying that the heftier price tag is totally worth it. But beware this isn’t ideal for travel, as Amazon reviewers mention the portable design and wheels are difficult to use.

Crate sizes: Diggs Revol Dog Crates come in two sizes, small and medium.

What we love: A bestseller on Amazon, the Midwest Homes iCrate is our favorite metal dog crate for medium dogs and large dogs. The crate’s all-in-one features include roller feet, safety bolt, divider, and plastic tray for everyday use. Plus, the design collapses for easy storage.

What customers say: Most Amazon reviewers love how roomy and spacious the crate is to give their pet plenty of space at home. This is a real winner with a 4.7-star rating from German shepherd to Great Dane and Rottweiler dog owners as a medium or large dog crate.

Crate sizes: Midwest Homes iCrates come in seven different sizes, from tiny to super large options.

What we love: The Impact Stationary Dog Crate is made in the U.S. and designed almost entirely of recycled materials. Each crate is military-grade, meaning it’s extra durable and engineered from the same aluminum materials that hold military equipment. And if you’re the proud parent of multiple pets, you can save space by stacking the same-sized dog crates thanks to its stackable corner design feature.

What customers say: Despite having less than a thousand reviews, 89 percent of reviewers gave this dog crate a 5-star rating. Customers seem beyond happy with this crate, noting its quality and durable design, which lends itself to stay steady and in shape even with the toughest of dogs.

Crate sizes: The Impact Stationary Dog Crate is best for large pets, coming in 9 different sizes.

What we love: The Petmate Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel is perfect for pet parents on-the-go thanks to the pet carrier’s sturdy and heavy-duty plastic shell. The pet carrier is equipped for traveling via car or plane with increased durability in place in the form of metal screws to keep your dog fully secure. Added ventilation on the sides provides your pup with increased airflow and visibility.

What customers say: Many reviewers love how sturdy and durable the crate is, with one even noting the plastic shell easily withstood the wear and tear of her dog. Also, the various color options add major style points according to Amazon reviewers.

Crate sizes: The Petmate Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel is a great fit for dogs ranging from 10 pounds to 125 pounds, featuring seven different crate sizes.

What we love: The Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Kennel is not only light, making it portable and versatile, it’s also compact and perfect for storing. Designed from polyester and PVC framing, it simply folds out for easy assembling. Featuring a mesh door and windows, your dog will feel light and airy from the nice ventilation.

What customers say: This dog crate has over 6,700 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5-star rating. The reviewers love how lightweight and portable this crate is thanks to its collapsible design.

Crate sizes: The Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Kennel come in five different sizes.

👉 Always check with your individual airline’s crate requirements before traveling with your pet. 

What we love: There’s nothing like peace of mind when traveling, and the Petmate Sky Kennel makes traveling with your pet easy. The crate’s all-in-one design provides security, durability, and ventilation for your dog. Plus, the crate comes with live animal stickers to stick on while traveling.

What customers say: With over 4.5 stars on Amazon and over 4,300 reviews, users are saying this is the closest travel crate to meeting most airline approvals. But be sure to review airline policies beforehand, as some reviewers note that you may need to switch out the plastic bolts for metal on certain airlines.

Crate sizes: Petmate Sky Kennel crates come in six different sizes. Each should meet most airline approvals.

What we love: One of the most affordable crates on this list, the MidWest Homes for Pets Life Stages Dog Crate starts at just $30.99. But while this dog crate is easy on the wallet, it’s still a great value for the price. The double door crate comes with everything your dog needs for a safe space, from two entrances to a sturdy pet tray and a puppy divider to help crate train your pup.

What customers say: According to customers, this is one of the best crates pet parents have owned. Many reviewers note that it checks all the essential boxes from price to set up to storage, and they love the value of the crate for their pets.

Crate sizes: MidWest Homes for Pets Life Stages Dog Crates come in six different sizes, each with double doors.

Crate travel requirements to know before you fly

👉 Contact your airline for the most up-to-date information on dog crate requirements. 

Thinking about traveling with your dog? Before setting off on an airplane with your pet, there are certain crate requirements your dog crate needs to meet. These are the travel crate requirements created by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) you’ll need to ensure your crate is airline-approved.

  • Size. The crate must be spacious enough that your dog can turn around, stand, sit, and lie down comfortably. If your dog’s ears touch the top of the crate when standing, the crate is too small.
  • Ventilation. Airflow is important for your pet when traveling. Airlines recommend having air holes on all four sides of the crate at least halfway on all sides for international flights. On domestic flights, two sides with holes are required.
  • Metal nuts and bolts. In case of turbulence, metal nuts and bolts ensure durability and safety for your pet. Some airlines allow metal bolts with plastic caps, however, always confirm with your airline first.
  • Food and water bowls. To keep your pet well-fed and hydrated throughout the flight, airlines require a food and water dish to be attached to the crate’s door.
  • Crate lining. In case of an accident mid-flight, which can happen even if your dog is potty trained, the crate lining offers both a cushion and absorption for your pet.
  • Single metal door. Most airlines require a single metal door to prevent your dog from potentially pulling the door in and collapsing it. Also, the door needs to be zip-tied to keep it shut throughout the flight.
  • Paperwork and documents. Just like a lost bag, accidents can happen. To ensure your dog is safe, keep your vital contact information, flight information, and dog’s information on top of the crate. You’ll want to make sure your dog is wearing their ID, too. Also, include extra food with any health information, and a feeding schedule.
  • Stickers. Airlines require all travel crates have a live animal sticker attached. While this is usually provided by airlines, it’s always good to be prepared.

👉 To get ready for air travel, learn everything you need to know in our guide about how to fly with your dog.