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6 best dog tags of 2023, approved by vets

Updated April 24, 2023

Whether it’s purely utilitarian or your pup is a fashionista, these best dog tags of the year have something to suit you and your dog’s style.

From different-shaped tags to high-tech gadgets that keep you connected no matter where your lost pet has roamed off to, the best dog ID tags preserve your peace of mind when your pup or fluffy feline takes advantage of an open door. Keep reading to find the best custom dog tags for your pet.

Best dog tags, reviewed

#1 Best dog tags with QR code: FidoTabby Alert

Because of the price point (free!) and network of pet parents that know the moment you report your pet as lost, FidoTabby Alert is an excellent option for keeping your dog safe. Read more about this service with our FidoTabby Alert review.

What our vet thinks

Dr. Erica Irish signed her own pets up for FidoTabby. “The site is easy to use, and the first tag is free! If you have other pets, you can purchase tags for them, too. The pricing is very reasonable for these extra tags, and I like that you can purchase a rubber edge to silence the tag from clicking against any other tags on the dog’s collar. It was quick and easy to register my dogs.”

Features of the FidoTabby pet tag

  • Sizes: 1.20” (Tabby tags) and 1.56” (Fido tags)
  • Colors and shapes: 2 styles: a bone and a cat’s mouse toy, both in black
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum
  • Number in a package: First tag is free, additional tags are $4.86 each
pros cons
✓ Alert system sends out a picture and info about your pet ✗ Few design choices
✓ Durable material
✓ All of your pet’s vital information is in one place
✓ First tag is free

#2 Best customizable dog tag: Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags

Providence Engraving has a huge array of shape and color combinations with features like rhinestones and a special tag for service dogs.

What our vet thinks

“These super affordable tags come in a variety of colors and shapes for every pet. Also, they seem like sturdy material where the engraving will last over time.”

Features of the Providence Pet ID Tag

  • Sizes: Small and large
  • Colors and shapes: 16 shapes, including a heart, and 9 color options
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Number in a package: 1
pros cons
✓ Plenty of options to choose from for a customized tag ✗ No logo option
✓ Four lines of text on each side for maximum information ✗ Prone to being unreadable due to metal-on-metal rubbing
✓ Laser engraving to help prevent information from rubbing off ✗ Some color combinations make it hard to read

#3 Best silicone dog tag: QALO

Silicone is a durable material, which is important when it comes to your pet’s tag. Plus, this tag from QALO is a colorful choice for pets.

What our vet thinks

“These tags are very unique from ones I’ve seen before. The designs are lovely! And while silicone does tend to be a sturdy material, I’d be wary of the narrow base (dog teeth can bite right through it). Also, one negative review mentioned that the metal ring bends easily, so I’d consider getting a sturdier, reinforced metal ring for a very active dog.”

Features of the QALO Pet ID Tag

  • Sizes: 36mm wide, 35mm long, and 5.5mm thick
  • Colors and shapes: Several themes, including mountains, beach, patriotic, and floral
  • Materials: 100% silicone
  • Number in a package: 1
pros cons
✓ Silicone material doesn’t make noise with other tags ✗ Silicone and metal rings break easily
✓ Durable and non-porous, safe for pets ✗ Some reviewers complained that the font was too small to read
✓ Free replacement if it breaks

#4 Best secure dog tag: LuckyPet

This slide-on tag is great for small and medium-sized pets that tend to get dangling tags snagged as they explore inside the home or outdoors.

What our vet thinks

“This tag appears to be sturdy but with the added benefit of a curve so that it will be comfortable around your pet’s neck. My only concern would be if it could fit every collar, as the photos on Amazon show very thin/skinny collars for smaller dogs. My labs have HUGE collars so I don’t think the tags would fit well.”

Features of the LuckyPet Slide-On Tag

  • Sizes: Small (3/8” wide) to large (1” wide)
  • Colors and shapes: Silver; open ends or closed ends
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Number in a package: 1
pros cons
✓ Laser engraved so information doesn’t rub off ✗ May cause bald spots in some pets
✓ Silent for dogs sensitive to sounds ✗ Some reviewers complain that the holes are too small for the collar
✓ Easy to attach

#5 Best luxury dog tag: Murphy and Max

For style-conscious pet owners, these tags available on Etsy have various options by font, shape, and material. This company lets you create a truly bespoke pet tag or a charm for your necklace or keychain.

What our vet thinks

“These designer tags are unique because of the writing and because you can choose which metal to use for the tag (gold was an option!). However, I didn’t see that a lot of info could be placed on the tag (e.g., phone number and address), so I think these tags are more for show than utility.”

Features of the Murphy and Max Pet id Tags

  • Sizes: Vary
  • Colors and shapes: Numerous shapes, including circles, rectangles, and some U.S. states.
  • Materials: Sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, 14k rose gold-filled, nu gold, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and nickel.
  • Number in a package: 1
pros cons
✓ Beautiful designer tag ✗ Doesn’t communicate a lot of information
✓ Highly customizable with material and font
✓ Made from durable metal

#6 Best Bluetooth dog tag: Pawscout Pet Tag

Bluetooth tags are a good, inexpensive option for pet owners who have pets that tend to get stuck up trees, in drains, or take a game of hide and seek to a new level. Keep in mind that it’s not foolproof: The tag advertises a range of 300 feet, but some reviewers state that it’s as little as 50 feet. Range may be reduced due to factors like walls and other surfaces that impact how far a signal can reach.

What our vet thinks

“This seems like a very cool product, but according to one negative review, there can be inaccuracies. For example, your dog could be at arm’s length from you, but the app will give you a range of 20 feet around you! Cats have a tendency to stay in their neighborhood, so it may be very useful for kitty households.”

Features of the Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

  • Sizes: 0.25” x 1” x 1”
  • Color and shape: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Number in a package: 1
pros cons
✓ Smaller tag, so it won’t weigh down smaller pets ✗ It only works if your phone is within range of the tag
✓ Has slide-on as well as hanging options ✗ Requires a battery size that may not be common in stores
✓ Only weighs 5 grams ✗ Some reviewers report that it breaks easily
✗ Inaccurate in some cases

Honorable mention: Red Dingo Personalized Dog Tag

When creating this list of best dog tags, we looked at a lot of IDs. While the Red Dingo dog tag didn’t make the cut for Dr. Irish or us, it still has attributes we like. Here are a few details about this personalized dog tag. It offers:

  • Multiple sizes. From less than an inch to an inch and a half, the personalized dog tag is as big or as small as a pet needs.
  • Multiple colors. Because of this, the tag can stand out against different coat colors and patterns.
  • Free shipping. Red Dingo offers free shipping, which reduces unexpected costs at checkout.

Here are the things that made Dr. Irish hesitate and observations we’ve gotten from reading the reviews.

  • Fading. Dr. Irish noted reviewers complained that the engraving on the back faded quickly. While this may be due to a dog’s activity level, it’s still not something pet owners want after less than a year.
  • Weight. Another reviewer commented that it was heavy, even for their large-breed dog. Because of that, they aren’t using it.

What to look for in a dog tag

Selecting the best tag for your dog or cat depends on your pet. Some pets might need something that slides on the collar, while others need a GPS or Bluetooth tracker because of their skills at escaping the home. Regardless of what your pet needs to get or stay home safely, here’s a list of features to look for when selecting the best dog tag for your pup.


When considering a pet tag, evaluate how much information you can add to it and how it is displayed. For most pet tags, your pet’s name is a given — the exception might be Bluetooth and GPS trackers, which may need an additional tag. Others might include an address or phone number.

👉 For your safety and security, it’s best to avoid adding your home address to your pet’s ID tag.

Closeup of a cat in the grass.
While a pretty cat tag, this tag can easily get snag, stain, or fade due to wear.


While it’s a given that your dog or cat’s tag will have to be replaced occasionally, it isn’t likely a monthly or even yearly purchase. If a material isn’t durable enough to withstand wear and tear, it’s not worth customizing for your pet. Look for a material that doesn’t stain, rip, or fade quickly when shopping for the perfect tag for your pet.


It’s also important to consider the size of your pet and the tag they need. This is most relevant to smaller pets, like cats or small-breed dogs. If a tag is oversized or heavy, it can cause pain and discomfort to your pet. It can also be too cumbersome for them to maneuver around.

Shop our best small dog and cat collars to find the perfect fitting collar for your (small) furry friend.

Other features

Some tags are for specific types of pets — or, rather, particular personalities. Bluetooth tags let you find pets that go missing or tend to hide in the house or yard. GPS tags — which use a mobile signal — allow you to track a cat around the neighborhood to see how many other families they’ve claimed. Other popular choices include slide-ons or even collars that feature your contact information.

👉 Bluetooth and GPS trackers might not alert you when a pet is missing, or they may require a paid subscription. FidoTabby Alert includes your pet’s name, a QR code, and pet ID number. When someone finds your pet, those pieces of information connect your pet to a network of Pet Finders and vice versa.  

Essentially, it’s important to consider your pet’s lifestyle and tendencies when shopping for a tag to decide what features are a must and what you (and your pet!) can live without.

Why trust betterpet?

The writers, editors, and staff of betterpet are pet parents, and we know the value of accurate, trustworthy information. Because of this, the content we create is reviewed and approved by our vets, guaranteeing that what you read comes from expert knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of dog tags are best?

While this is largely subjective and depends on your dog’s needs, surgical stainless steel is the best material for a dog tag. Corrosive-resistant and hypoallergenic, tags made of this type of stainless steel will last longer.

What dog name tags won’t fall off?

Certain dog tags are designed to be mounted onto a dog’s collar. While only one-sided, these dog tags are permanently affixed to the collar, meaning that as long as your dog has the collar on, they will have their tag.

How do you keep a dog’s name tag and license from falling off?

You can use an S hook and pliers to attach your dog’s tag and rabies license to your dog’s collar.

I don’t want my phone number or address on there. How can I be contacted if my dog is lost?

You can use a service like FidoTabby alert. The only information on the collar is your pet’s name, ID number, and QR code, allowing whoever finds your pet to reach out to FidoTabby Alert. The person who found your pet will provide their contact information, which is then sent to you. This means that your personal information isn’t on the collar. This prevents unwanted visitors to your home.