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10 best no-pull dog harnesses of 2022, approved by vets

Updated February 2, 2023

There’s a better way to manage your pet’s health and safety on walks. Explore the future of stress- and strain-free strolls with our list of the best no-pull dog harnesses of 2022.

Looking for the perfect no-pull dog harness for your pup? Search no further – we’ve made it easy. Our team has personally tested and reviewed the top options in the market with their pets, and we’re here to show you the best of the best to help you make the right decision for your pet.

Best no-pull dog harnesses, reviewed

#1 Best overall: 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

Why we recommend this no-pull dog harness

We recommend 2 Hounds Design Freedom as the best overall no-pull dog harness due to its versatility and adaptability for every sized pup. You’ll enjoy four adjustment points for a more tailored, comfortable fit for your furry friend. The lining is soft Swiss velvet, which fits comfortably against your dog’s chest. It’s complete with stainless-steel hardware and nylon webbing for a chew-resistant choice for even the most nervous dogs. Lastly, this harness offers an extensive chew warranty (for a small fee) to address any need for replacement down the line.

pros cons
✓ Comprehensive brand warranty for chewing-related damages ✗ Warranty may not apply when purchased through Amazon
✓ Four adjustment points and dual connection for an ultra-tailored fit ✗ Can be tricky to size due to various adjustment points
✓ Suitable for any size dog

Features of the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness

  • Sizes: XS (chest 15”-20”) to XXL (chest 38”-44”), giving you a versatile fit that works for any size dog
  • Colors/patterns:18 vibrant colors to choose from, guaranteeing your pup a fashionable fit
  • Materials: Lined with Swiss velvet and constructed with hardy nylon and stainless steel
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

We appreciated the velvet padding in our rounds of testing, as it gave the dogs a more comfortable overall fit during wear. The harness offers exceptional personalized adjustment through, giving the pup a great fit around his legs and overall shape. After the first few attempts to put it on, we found it easy to take off and remove.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

#2 Most reflective: Bolux Dog No-Pull Reflective Dog Harness

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

We recommend this reflective no-pull harness based on its quality construction and custom fit, helping your dog to stay as safe as possible on its next adventure. The unique body-friendly construction of the Bolux avoids pulling and choking, evenly distributing counterweight to help your pup stop and maneuver comfortably. Our product testing team tried this reflective harness on small and large dogs. All pups needed little to no adjustment, offering one of the most accessible and comfortable fits we’ve seen. The brightly-colored reflective strips are placed on the sides of the harness, allowing for maximum driver visibility and comfort of wear for your pal.

pros cons
✓ Simple adjustable design featuring a strap and buckle ✗ Velcro strap may wear with time and excessive pulling
✓ Weight-distributed design for easy stops and training
✓ Complete with handle for disabled or mobility-limited dogs

Features of the Bolux Dog No-Pull Reflective Dog Harness

  • Sizes: XS to XXL, and can easily fit breeds up to 105 pounds or with a chest girth of up to 35”
  • Colors/patterns: More than 20 new colorful camo prints and solid block colors
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

Our review team tested the Bolux Reflective Harness on both medium and extra-large breeds and reported an immediate fit with minimal adjustments needed. Adjustments and the actual wear of the harness were simple and comfortable, only requiring minimal tweaks across the chest to accommodate the pet’s specific build.

Bolux Dog Harness

#3 Best for wiggly pups: Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Harness

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

We recommend the Kurgo Tru-Fit thanks to its ergonomic fit and ease with even the most energetic and wiggly pets. The Kurgo Tru-Fit was created with ease of use in mind, featuring an easy-snap buckle system and five adjustment points for the perfect fit every time. This harness is designed for speedy strap-ins with just a few buckle clicks and a tailored fit via any of the five adjustment points.

Your pup will enjoy the padded chest piece and weight-dispersal technology, helping to avoid tugging and discomfort on your next walk. After the walk, it’s easy to wash thanks to the durable, rip-resistant fabric.

pros cons
✓ Front and back leash attachments for custom use ✗ No reflective materials for additional nighttime safety
✓ Constructed completely with ripstop fabric for tear resistance and strength ✗ Requires continuous adjustment when slipping on or off to accommodate certain body types
✓ 10” seat belt loop for enhanced pet safety when traveling

Features of the Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Harness

  • Sizes: This harness is better for bigger pets, coming in size medium (25-50 pounds) and extra-large (80-110 pounds)
  • Colors/patterns: Red & blue, black & orange
  • Materials: Polyester and nylon
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

While the harness fit comfortably once on, our review team had difficulty adjusting it to larger pets. Since it features a slip-on design, it can be more challenging with broad-shouldered breeds or larger dogs. Consult the sizing chart to get the best fit possible with this specific harness

Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness

#4 Best waterproof harness: noxgear LightHound Revolutionary Reflective Harness

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

The noxgear LightHound is your best choice of harness for messy, adventure-loving pups, giving you a no-smell, no-hassle experience. It’s waterproof, lights up, and is exceptionally visible. Not only can it be worn as a standalone no-choke harness, you could pair it with your favorite leash and harness set for extra visibility at night.

pros cons
✓ Completely adjustable with a slide-in, clip-on design ✗ Control button is in the shoulder blade area, which may cause discomfort in large or narrow-shouldered breeds
✓ Designed exclusively with military-grade Cordura for no-smell wear and ultimate durability
✓ Can be worn as a standalone harness or on top of your favorite harness set

Features of the noxgear LightHound

  • Sizes: Small to extra-large. We found that there is some flexibility in sizing and fit due to the quality of design and range of adjustability.
  • Colors/patterns: LED fiber-optic colorbursts feature green, blue, red, yellow, and white. You’ll be able to try a new color or pattern each time you go out! See it in action with our GIF, below.
  • Materials: Military-grade Cordura, which is both smell- and tear-resistant
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

Our review team found the noxgear LightHound reflective harness easy to put on and even easier to adjust. Due to the range of adjustability, you’ll be able to have some sizing flexibility and get a great fit, no matter your dog’s build. It’s incredibly durable, well-made, and an overall great, hardy choice for adventurous or messy pups.

Noxgear LightHound and Reflective Harness

#5 Best for training: PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

We recommend the PetSafe Headcollar for its incredible range of motion and comfortable fit, sliding on top of your dog’s nose and around the back of the head for a unique, no-pull wear experience. This special training tool offers a sleek low-strap design for comfort and mobility, resting on the nose to break the pulling instinct.

The PetSafe Headcollar is compatible with a retractable or traditional leash and maintains your dog’s range of motion without choking or pulling. It’s designed to fit your pup in minutes, saving you time on your way out the door.

pros cons
✓ Simple, safe design that avoids pressure on the respiratory system ✗ Not suitable for shorter-snouted breeds (like pugs) due to strap fit and placement
✓ Quick-snap design for fitting in minutes ✗ Successful fit is dependent on the dog’s snout shape and size
✓ Aids in the training experience by breaking the urge to pull

Features of the PetSafe Headcollar

  • Sizes: Small to large, with an extensive range of adjustability
  • Colors/patterns: Nine options, including Green and Raspberry Pink.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

Our reviewer easily slipped the PetSafe Headcollar on and adjusted it to fit their pet’s snout. However, there wasn’t consistency in wear, and the headcollar would slip off due to their pet’s narrower snout.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

#6 Best padded no-pull harness: rabbitgoo Oxford Vest

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

We recommend the rabbitgoo Oxford Vest because of its durable (and comfortable) design, ergonomic and easy-adjustment straps, and heavy-duty buckles. It offers a thick layer of breathable padding spread across your dog’s chest, giving them the highest level of comfort and control on walks. The harness uses a tri-point design to promote even weight dispersal and to help you avoid pulling or pressure against your dog’s sensitive chest. The best part? It’s easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for your puddle-loving pup.

pros cons
✓ Reflective strips included along the sides of the design for enhanced nighttime visibility ✗ Reflector strips are less prevalent in this design than competing brands
✓ Ergonomic top handle for additional training support or carry assistance

Features of the rabbitgoo Oxford Vest

  • Sizes: Small to extra-large
  • Colors/patterns: More than 10 different colors, helping your furry friend to hit the streets in style
  • Materials: Polyester and nylon
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

Our review team was pleased with the extensive adjustability and security that the rabbitgoo Oxford Vest provided. Reviewers enjoyed the strength of the heavy-duty, quick-release buckles and how easily the straps could be adjusted to comfortably fit their furry friends.

#7 Best for mobility assistance: Ruffwear Flagline Dog Harness

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

Lightweight, comfortable, and versatile, the Ruffwear Flagline harness is the perfect choice for smaller breeds or dogs in need of a mobility support option. This vest-style harness comes equipped with three leash attachment points for both walks and lifts, as well as a durable top handle for additional control and function. There are six adjustment points and a chest and belly panel, helping give your dog the support they need to stay comfortable and safe – no matter where your next adventure takes you.

pros cons
✓ Comes ready-to-wear and is easily adjustable for small to extra-large breed sizes ✗ Design relies heavily on buckles and adjustment
✓ Simple to adjust and easy to put on thanks to accessible design ✗ May take some time to size properly
✓ Made from debris-resistant liner and is easily washable

Features of the Ruffwear Flagline

  • Sizes: Small to extra-large
  • Colors/patterns: You can choose from colors like Red Rock, Meltwater Teal, and Gray Granite.
  • Materials: Polyester and nylon
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

Our reviewer tested the Ruffwear Flagline on an adult German shepherd to gauge adjustability on a larger breed. The harness was easy to fully adjust, fitting snugly and comfortably on every key point of their pup’s anatomy. It was durable and gave them a sense of security with the addition of the padded handle for additional support.

Ruffwear Flagline Harness

#8 Best outdoor harness: Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

We recommend the Ruffwear Front Range harness due to its advanced, adventure-ready design. You’ll enjoy multiple leash attachment points, convenient V-ring attachments, and four adjustment points to give your pet a custom fit.

Harnesses can irritate with long-term wear, especially in certain settings and terrains. The Ruffwear Front Range is meant for extended wear and offers easy on-and-off technology to help you get on the move quickly. It’s lightly padded across the abdomen and chest region to help promote comfortable wear and weight distribution, reinforced with strategically-placed webbing in high-traction zones for better control and comfort during use.

pros cons
✓ Offers convenient dog tag storage pocket for easy ID and more comfortable wear ✗ Some customers report a learning curve with fit and wear during the first few uses
✓ Comes with visibility strips and reflective trim to help your dog stay safe on nighttime adventures
✓ Multi-layered fabric construction for both comfort and durability

Features of the Ruffwear Front Range

  • Sizes: Extra-extra-small to extra-large
  • Colors/Patterns: 10 vibrant colors, ranging from Twilight Gray to Huckleberry Blue
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

Our reviewer appreciated how adjustable the Ruffwear Front Range harness was and found that it was an easy fit for dogs of all sizes, making it a great option for multi-dog use. It was quick to slip on and off and still durable enough for extra-wiggly and energetic breeds.

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

#9 Most weather-resistant: Sporn Stop Pull Halter

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

We recommend the Sporn Stop Pull Halter due to its sturdy construction,  adjustability, and weather-durable materials of braided nylon cord, webbing, and rich fleece lining. If you and your pup are headed out on your favorite trail or on an all-day excursion, they need a comfortable and durable harness. The Sporn Stop Pull is incredibly adjustable and easy to take on and off.

pros cons
✓ Easier to adjust than other competing brands ✗ Not reflective
✓ Slips on and off easily with over-chest design
✓ Made of weather-resistant thermoplastic and nickel-plated steel

Features of the Sporn Stop Pull

  • Sizes: Best for medium or large breeds, neck sizes 16″ – 24”
  • Color/pattern: Black
  • Materials: Nickel-plated steel, thermoplastic, braided nylon cord, and soft webbing. The chest straps are lined with fleece.
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

Our reviewer was able to easily adjust and fit the Sporn Stop Pull harness to their mid-size dog. They noted that it was versatile and adjustable to suit either smaller-boned or portly breeds, and it was easy to take on and off. There were no negative notes or experiences with the Sporn Stop Pull no-pull harness throughout our review, making this a solid choice for your next adventure.

Sporn Stop Pull Halter

#10 Best for dogs of all sizes: Spot the Dog! Reflective Vest

Why we recommend this no-pull harness

We recommend this Spot the Dog! vest due to its highly-reflective construction and versatility, making it perfect for nighttime walks with breeds of all sizes. Dog owners often must choose between reflective properties, comfort, or durability. Not so with Spot! This lightweight, comfortable vest keeps furry friends protected from the weather and visible for walks in any setting. Plus, every purchase of the Spot! Vest sends money back to the Golden Huggs Rescue in Vermont.

pros cons
✓ Extremely reflective; featuring fluorescent orange material and reflective strips ✗ The out-of-the-box design did not accommodate for a regular harness fitting under the product
✓ Weather-resistant and lightweight
✓ Hook-and-loop closure style complements straps for easy fit

Features of the Spot! Vest

  • Sizes: Extra-small to extra-large
  • Colors/patterns: Fluorescent orange
  • Material: Polyester
  • Number in a package: One

How the no-pull harness fits

The vest is lightweight without compromising on the integrity of design and durability. Our tester put it through its paces with their medium-sized pup and remarked how easy it was to get on and fully adjust. There’s just one downside: It’s not made to accommodate a secondary harness worn underneath. If you want to walk your dog on a leash, you’ll have to get creative or attach it to a traditional collar.

SPOT THE DOG! Reflective Vest

No-pull dog harness buying guide

When you’re on the hunt for a no-pull dog harness for your pet, consider two main questions:

  1. What features does your harness need to have?
  2. What conditions will you be using it in?

No two harnesses are alike — which is why research is key to getting a perfect fit for your furry friend. Read on for our comprehensive guide on how to find the best no-pull dog harness for your pet.

What features should you look for in your no-pull dog harness?

FIguring out what features you need for your no-pull dog harness can help you shorten your search time and find the right fit. Here are a few considerations to get you on the right track: 

  • Reflective elements. If you take your pet on nighttime walks, reflective vests are a must. You’ll be able to keep your pet safe and visible in most weather conditions.
  • Durability. You’ll want your harness to hold up under strain, keeping your wiggly and larger pups safe during use.
  • Cost. You can’t put a price on comfort and safety for your furry friend, but budget is an important thing to keep in mind – especially if you have a chewer or go through harnesses quickly.
  • Comfort. Choosing harnesses made with breathable material is important for your pet’s long-term comfort and wear.

👉 Do your research and look for reviews that align with your pet type, size, and use case.

How we chose the best no-pull harnesses

The betterpet lab developed a set of criteria then put them to the test in real-world situations to give you the most accurate data possible. Those factors included:

  • Fit.  We matched manufacturer sizing charts to dogs and then judged whether the sizing ran too small, too large, or fit as advertised.
  • Features. We also looked at each no-pull harness’s particular features. Was it too tight? Too heavy? Our testers evaluated how well the no-pull harnesses on our list performed with those features in mind.
  • Durability. We know pet parents expect gear that lasts. We determine how durable a  no-pull harness is so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Maintenance. Our testers also considered how easy it was to clean the no-pull harness options. A simple matter of throwing it in the wash, or permanently discolored after a fun romp in the rain?

Why trust betterpet?

The writers, editors, and staff of betterpet are pet parents, and we know the value of accurate, trustworthy information. Because of this, the content we create is reviewed and approved by our vets. We tested these no-pull harnesses so that when we say a  harness is best, it comes from firsthand experience.

Frequently asked questions

Do no-pull harnesses work?

Yes! Thanks to their intuitive design options, no-pull harnesses are a great choice for wigglers or dogs not yet leash-trained. They redirect their attention and direction without painful pulling or pressure on your dog’s sensitive respiratory system.

Do dogs grow out of pulling?

If you’re dealing with a pup that loves to pull, it’s not likely that it’ll grow out of it entirely without leash training. Repetition and quality tools are key to mastering this part of your dog’s development, and it’s where a no-pull harness can come in handy.

Why does my dog pull on the leash?

Dogs naturally want to go their way, as they are independent animals. They want to know their environment and can only do so with their senses. With proper leash training and a safe no-pull collar, however, they can break the habit.