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French bulldog eating a cucumber

The essentials

  • Start small — When introducing cucumbers into your dog’s diet, begin with a few slices and gradually increase the amount to see what their system can tolerate.
  • Preparation is key — Wash cucumbers thoroughly and slice them into small, bite-sized pieces so they’re not a choking or digestive hazard.
  • When in doubt, ask your veterinarian — As with any changes to your dog’s diet, consult your veterinarian. They can guide you on serving sizes and frequency based on your dog’s needs and health conditions.

Dog owners are always trying new ways to keep their furry friends healthy, hydrated, and interested in new foods. One great way to mix up your pup’s treat routine is to offer a refreshing slice of cucumber. But when and how is it safe to feed your dog cucumbers? We explore the safety and benefits of bringing cucumbers into a dog’s diet .

Are cucumbers safe for dogs?

The short answer is yes! Cucumbers are a safe food for dogs, but only in small quantities. Cucumbers, in moderation, are healthy treats for your dogs because they are high in water and low in calories. They’re also loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the most important of which is vitamin C. Vitamin C contains properties that help boost your pup’s immune system.

Edible parts of a cucumber

  • The flesh. The flesh of the cucumber is perfectly safe for your dog to eat. It is low in fat and calories, which makes it an excellent way to feed your dog a healthy snack.
  • The skin. The skin of the cucumber can be fed to your dog, but wash it thoroughly, removing any pesticides or chemicals. It also contains nutrients and fiber, which might make it difficult for some dogs to digest, so watch for signs of discomfort.
  • The seeds. The seeds of cucumbers are also safe for dogs to consume, but again be on the lookout for discomfort if your dog is prone to gastrointestinal issues. Or, simply remove the seeds before serving.

🚨What about pickles? Avoid them. Pickles are cucumbers soaked in salt and vinegar, ingredients that may be harmful to your dog’s health. 

How much cucumber can you feed your dog?

When introducing any new foods into your dog’s diet, including cucumbers, start with small quantities. A few slices of cucumber can be refreshing low-calorie treats for your pup. However, too much can cause digestive issues like diarrhea or an upset stomach.

The rule of thumb for snacking is this: Treats should take up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. Consult your veterinarian before making any significant changes to your dog’s diet.

The best way to serve cucumber to your dog

When feeding cucumbers to your dog, follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash the cucumber thoroughly to remove any dirt or chemicals.
  2. Slice it into small pieces that are easy for your dog to chew and swallow. The size of your dog should determine the size of the slice. Do not feed dogs of any size whole cucumbers.
  3. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, try removing the seeds before serving.
  4. Start with a small amount and monitor their reaction. If they enjoy it and show no signs of discomfort, you have found a perfectly healthy new snack for your dog to enjoy!

🚨 Never serve a whole cucumber to your dog. While whole cucumbers may be safe for humans, some parts may not be safe for your pooch. It can also be a choking hazard.

Frequently asked questions

Can dogs eat cucumbers with skin?

Yes. The skin of the cucumber is safe for dogs to consume and contains additional nutrients and fiber. However, some dogs may have difficulty digesting the skin, so monitor your pup for discomfort after eating cucumber skin. If your dog shows any adverse reaction, peel the skin before offering the cucumber to your pet.

Can dogs eat raw cucumber seeds?

Yes, dogs can generally eat raw cucumber seeds without any issues. The seeds are small and soft, easy to digest for most dogs. However, if your dog has a sensitive stomach or is prone to gastrointestinal issues, remove the seeds before serving. Always monitor your dog for any signs of discomfort or adverse reactions when introducing new foods like cucumber seeds into their diet.

How many cucumbers can a dog eat?

This depends on a dog’s size, weight, and overall health. If treats like cucumbers should not make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake and you have a 5-pound Chihuahua that eats about ½ cup of kibble each day (about 200 calories), those cucumber slices should not exceed 20 calories. Luckily, ½ cup of cucumber slices is about 8 calories. Start with a smaller amount and work your way up.

What happens if a dog eats cucumbers?

If a dog eats cucumbers in moderation, it can enjoy several health benefits, as cucumbers are a low-calorie, low-fat treat containing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The high water content in cucumbers can help keep your dog hydrated, especially during hot weather. Too much cucumber can lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea, stomach upset, or gas.

Can dogs drink cucumber water?

Yes, dogs can drink homemade cucumber water in moderation. Cucumber water is water infused with cucumber slices, which can provide a refreshing and hydrating beverage for your dog, especially on a hot day. Beware of store-bought cucumber water, which might contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that is highly toxic to pets. Fresh, clean non-cucumber water should always be readily available for your dog to drink, too.