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animal welfare

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Young woman caring for a shelter dog.

supporting those who make animal rehabilitation possible

This year the world changed forever. Like most small businesses, rescues, shelters, and other animal welfare operations had to get creative. Many were forced to furlough and layoff staff. Among those left in the lurch was Leslie Brooks, DVM, one of our betterpet veterinary advisors. That hit close to home.

So we worked with Leslie to get a pulse on the state of animal welfare in the U.S. Over the span of several months, we reached out to hundreds of vet hospitals, rescues, and shelters. For a vast majority of them, the message is the same: Things are tougher than ever — especially for non-profits.

Volunteer support is reanimating at a glacial pace. Fatigued and overloaded animal welfare workers are struggling to keep up with their responsibilities. Public fundraising events are no longer feasible. (Some businesses can’t even accept in-person donations due to local regulation.) Adoptions are up on a macro-scale, but some shelters are caring for almost double the number of animals their facility can handle because adoptions have ground to a halt.

For those who want to help, we’ve compiled this list to make it easy for you to find and support organizations close to home.

The two best ways to support these organizations are to make a direct donation or purchase items on their Amazon wishlist. We included links for both to next to the entity name (where available). Every single entity on this list is verified by our team. This list is updated daily as we approve new requests.

👉 Request support
If your organization is at risk of laying off staff or in desperate need of supplies, complete this form to apply.

👉 Sponsor this initiative 
If your organization is willing to help spread the word, consider becoming a sponsor.

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  • Furry Friends Adoption
    Rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing services
    Amazon WishlistDonation Page
  • Florida Dachshund Rescue
    Non-profit Dachshund rescue
    Donation Page
  • F.U.R. – Florida Urgent Rescue
    Rescues animals from kill shelters
    Amazon Wishlist
  • Crazy Rescue Ladies Inc.
    [Cooper City] A group of passionate animal saviors who support shelters across the US with volunteers and training services. Dedicated to saving and re-homing abandoned, found, and surrendered animals
    Amazon Smile Program | Donation Page


  • The Dolly Goodpuppy Society
    A Department of Agriculture-licensed, non-profit, all-breed canine rescue organization
    Amazon Wishlist | Donation Page
  • Dana’s Doghouse Inc
    [Smyrna] A one-woman show focused on rescuing small dogs and puppies
    Amazon Smile Program


  • Cober’s Canine Rescue
    [Muskegon] A non-discriminatory rescue specialized in foster placements
    Donation Page


  • Animal Humane Society
    Adoption, re-homing, and training services
    Donation Page

New Jersey

  • Crazy Rescue Ladies Inc.
    [Brick] A group of passionate animal saviors who support shelters across the US with volunteers and training services. Dedicated to saving and re-homing abandoned, found, and surrendered animals
    Amazon Smile Program | Donation Page
  • Cold Nose Warm Heart Dog Rescue
    [Succasunna] Rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs from high-kill shelters.
    Amazon Wishlist | Donation Page

New York

  • Animal Farm Foundation
    Bringing dogs and people together to end discrimination
    Donation Page
  • Central New York Cat Coalition, Inc.
    Ending cat homelessness through education, affordable spay/neuter, adoption, and TNR
    Donation Page


  • Angels Rest Animal Society
    Non-profit shelter and care facility for animals that are left alone and helpless due to illness, disease, old age or basic neglect
    Donation Page



  • Finding Shelter Animal Rescue
    Non-profit, no-kill, volunteer supported animal rescue organization
    Donation Page

South Dakota

  • Lucky Pup Pet Adventures
    In-home pet care and training
    Donation Page


    Foster-based animal rescue specializing in cats
    Donation Page



  • Dewey Animals
    Primarily a feral cat trap-neuter-return operation to help reduce the birth of unwanted kittens and the euthanasia rate at the shelters
    Amazon Wishlist | Donation Page


  • Fond du Lac Humane Society
    Cat & dog adoption group
    Donation Page