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📷 by Madalyn Cox

Our top picks for the best cat trees

The 6 best cat trees, reviewed

What we love: The Large Cat Condo Tree Tower may feature a simple design, but it has everything your feline needs. Both of its two different size options offer the perfect amount of jute and carpet scratching posts to perch ratio so cats can get active or relax. Designed with durability in mind, this cat tree has a square base that easily fits into the corners of your home.

What customers say: With 10,000+ reviews on Amazon, customers liked the carpet of the cat tree, many noting that it’s easy to clean with a vacuum. Others praise the small size, saying it’s perfect for apartment living or smaller spaces.

Sizes: This compact cat tree comes in both medium and large sizes.

What we love: If you’re a pet parent to multiple cats, you need a cat tree house with plenty of space. Consider the Go Pet Club 72” Cat Tree Condo Furniture. This cat tower is designed with two kitty condos, several levels, three top perches, and perches in between. With several sisal scratching posts, each of your kitties has their own spot to rest or play.

What customers say: Easy to assemble, great quality, and accommodating to all their feline friends are just a few things customers note about this cat tree. Reviewers say that this tree is long-lasting and very affordable, making it easy to understand the item’s 4.7-star rating.

Sizes: Even though it comes in just one size, this spacious cat tree comes with plenty of room for all your felines in its top and bottom kitty condo. It measures 22″ long, 33″ wide, and 72″ high.

What we love: The Furhaven Pet Cat Tree is the all-in-one cat tree entertainment complete with ball toys, scratching posts, a cat IQ busy box, a dangling mouse toy, and even two apartment condos for relaxation. The tree’s multi-level design provides plenty of space for your cat to play. Set on a plush faux fur surface, it’s gentle on your cat’s paws and nose.

What customers say: With over 11,500+ global reviews, this cat tower holds a 4.6-star rating, and reviewers say it’s “cat heaven.” Customers love the cat tree’s easy assembly and find it entertaining to watch their pets in action within all the distinct cat activity centers.

Sizes: Available in one size, this is a seriously tall cat tree and is perfect for your climbing kitties. It measures 19.7″ long, 19.7″ wide, and 69.3″ high.

What we love: Our favorite cat tree for large cats is hands down the FEANDREA Cat Tree. With support tubes, natural sisal rope, and a particle board construction, this cat tower is extremely stable and durable to safely hold your larger pet. Also, it offers thickened scratching posts as an added bonus.

What customers say: 8,000+ reviewers are thrilled with the extra stability this cat tree provides. Many cat owners of Maine Coons and larger kitties claim this is the cat tree house you need to accommodate your big cats.

Sizes: Although this one comes in just one size, its wide top perch makes it perfect for small cats as well as heftier ones. It measures at 23.6″ long, 15.7″ wide, and 33.1″ high.

What we love: Pets Cat Tree with Leaves by on2pets is the most tree-like cat tree on our list. Featuring artificial silk leaves, pressed wood, and a round turf base, this realistic cat tree provides everything your furry friend needs for a sensory experience indoors. Plus, all materials are non-toxic and designed in the U.S. to make your pet’s safety the top priority.

👉 Just be careful cats don’t chew on the leaves, especially if they love live or fake plants.

What customers say: Customers love the natural look of the cat tree. They rave about how it perfectly balances their aesthetics with the needs of their cats. But, beware some reviewers note that it can feel unstable at first. A little extra tightening while assembling should do the trick.

Sizes: Medium and large sizes make this leafy cat tree a feline playhouse for kitties of all sizes. It measures at 26″ long, 26″ wide, and 60″ high.

What we love: The Catry Wooden Cat Tree Condo is our top design pick. Its elevated design and high-quality materials make it a part of your home’s design aesthetic. Simple and sleek, this cat furniture features room for your kitty to catch up on sleep or perch.

What customers say: According to 850+ reviewers, this modern cat tree is cat-approved. They love the simple design, while their cat loves the scratcher and perch.

Sizes: A designer’s dream, this deluxe cat tree comes in one size for the right amount of lounging to play ratio for your furry friend.

📷 by Madalyn Cox

Benefits of using cat trees

Feline parents, listen up! Cat trees are a household essential for your kitty. They bring your furry friend real benefits that keep them healthy and feeling secure.

Territory. Having their own territory is important to felines. A cat tower provides your tabby with vertical territory to not only offer them more space, but a space of their own. Vertical space is especially useful in a multi-pet household in order to give each animal a safe spot and environmental enrichment.

Exercise. Kitties need exercise to stay healthy, and a cat house is complete with all the activities they need. From dangling toys to climbing ladders, cat trees promote play and climbing to keep your feline friend in tip-top shape.

Relaxation. Enter cat naps. Your kitty sleeps approximately 12 to 16 hours per day and needs a place to relax and reset. Cat trees offer perches and hideaways for all their sleeping needs.

Safety. Instinctively, felines are climbers. They use trees to observe their surroundings, check out prey, or hide from predators. Cat trees are a key spot for them to check out the room, especially ideal for animals timid of their environment. It’ll make your shy cat feel safe and secure.

👉 Learn about the best litter box enclosures for your cat with our guide

What to consider when shopping for a cat tree

Cat trees are available in a range of sizes and heights. Some are all-inclusive with every feature and toy imaginable, while others are more simplified versions. To find the best cat tree, you’ll need to base it off of your feline friend’s size, personality, home size/space restraints, and number of cats in your home.

Cat size. The rule of thumb is the larger your feline, the larger the cat tree tower you’ll need. Pay attention to the weight restrictions on the cat tree to help guide you to the right stability.

Home size. Living in an apartment versus a house can make an impact on what size cat tree you’ll want. If you’re in a studio apartment you’re not going to want the same size as if you’re in a three-bedroom house. Look for cat trees that best fit your space. Keep in mind some are designed specifically for smaller spaces to sit in the corner of the room.

Feline habits. Consider how active and playful your cat is. Do they love to scratch? Maybe they’ll need more scratching posts. Or are they more on the shy side? Then they’ll likely need more kitty condos. Matching your pet’s personality and energy level to the cat tower will help you find the perfect fit.

Number of cats. If you’re the proud kitty parent to a multi-cat household, you’ll need a larger cat tree. Felines are territorial animals and they’ll each need their own space or platform that’s all their own. Be aware that not enough space or resources can lead to resource guarding. This can cause anxiety or aggression in your felines.

Common cat tree features

Each cat tree is designed slightly differently than the next. These are the cat tower features to look for when shopping for a cat tree:

Cat caves. Also known as cat condos, cat caves are open hideaways in the cat tree that provide your cat with space to unwind and relax. These little caves are perfect for shy felines. But, make sure to check the dimensions first as kitty condos can run on the small side.

Platforms. The more levels your cat tree tower has, the more platforms available for your cat to perch and observe. If you’re in a multi-cat household, make sure to steer toward more platforms than less to give each kitty its own territory.

Scratching posts. Nothing is worse than having your cat scratch up your favorite furniture. The good thing is this is an easy fix thanks to scratching posts. Scratching posts are posts with a sisal or carpeted texture that draw your feline’s attention. The texture is appealing to your furry friend, so they can focus on scratching the posts instead of your couch.

Toys. Kitties need entertainment, too. If your feline is more active, look for a cat tree with toys like feathers, balls, or dangling mice. It’ll keep your cat on its paws, encouraging jumping and climbing.

👉 If your kitty loves to lounge, consider adding a hammock to their cat tree.

Frequently asked questions about cat trees

How do you clean a cat tree?

Cleaning a cat tree is easy. Simply vacuum the area to remove feline hair and dander from the tree. Spot treat stains with dish detergent and hot water using a toothbrush. Additional odors can be removed with pet odor sprays.

How do you train your cat to use a cat tree?

Keep the cat tree in the most active part of your home like the living room. Felines prefer being in busier areas of your house to have your attention. Make the cat tree a happy experience with positive reinforcement training. Place cat food or catnip on the cat tree and take playtime to the cat tower to encourage use. Bring out your cat’s favorite toys like feathers or mice for fun, too. Or, for an alternative approach, consider applying a pheromone-based oil on the cat tree to inspire scratching.

When do you replace a cat tree?

A good rule of thumb is to replace your cat tree based on its appearance and stability. With normal wear and tear, your cat tree could become damaged from constant scratching over time. Also, pay attention to its stability. If perches are tilting, it’s time to replace the tree.

👉 If your cat tree has strings or fabric falling off, make sure to cut these so your kitty doesn’t try to eat them.

What about dogs and other pets?

If you’re a cat and dog parent, you’ve likely found that each of your pets needs its own space. For your dog, that’s a dog crate, and for your feline, that’s where a cat tree tower comes in. A cat tree is a perfect escape for your kitty to thrive in their own territory that’s free from your dog.

Can you make a DIY cat tower at home?

A DIY cat tree is a perfect option for many cat parents. It’s both affordable to make and easy to assemble. All you need are a few items that are likely already around your house.

  • Staple gun. Improves stability, and keeps your cat’s paws safe.
  • Plywood and cardboard boxes. Makes the structure of the cat tree.
  • Rope. The perfect place for scratching.
  • Faux fleece fabric. Soft underfoot for that extra padding.
  • Decorations. Toy mice and feathers are great for entertainment.