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How to Valentine with your pet

The ultimate gift guide for pet parents and their fur-entines, plus how to keep them safe this Valentine’s Day

Updated September 22, 2021

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Emily Johnson,
Jack Russell Terrier with flowers. Valentine's day. 14 February

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re in search of the perfect gift for the love(s) of your life — let’s be honest, it’s our pets and we’re okay with it — we’ve got you covered!

Check out our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for dogs and cats and pick something you know your fur babies will love. Don’t forget to pick something up for yourself or other dog-moms and cat-dads in your life, too. Last, but certainly not least, be sure to keep an eye out for possible Valentine’s Day hazards that could cause harm to your four-legged besties.

7 Fun Valentine gifts for cats and dogs

Show your fur-babies some extra love this Valentine’s Day with one of our favorite gifts below.

  1. Valentine’s Day and Heart Dog Treats
    Spoil your beloved pup-valentine this February 14th with these adorable candy conversation heart-shaped dog treats. Crafted with only five simple ingredients and zero artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives. They also come in a variety of styles, just like the human candy hearts. Your dogs will be begging you for more yummy treats!
  2. Catnip Bouquet of Roses
    These adorable flower blossoms will capture the heart of any feline. Not to mention they’re stuffed to the brim with potent catnip. This thoughtful gift is sure to drive your kitty wild. As a bonus, these little flowers are vegan, organic, and eco-friendly. So, you never have to worry about giving your furry Valentine something harmful.
  3. Loving Pets Bella Bowls Pet Bowl
    Upgrade up your pet’s bowl with this stylish heart patterned pet dish for Valentine’s Day. Both functional and beautiful, this bowl is naturally bacteria-resistant and has a rubber base to prevent skids and spills. It also comes in three sizes, perfect for cats and small or large dogs. When you need to, just toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Your pets will enjoy this dish, plus it will brighten up any space.
  4. Valentine Pet ID Tag
    Pamper your sweet fur baby with an adorably festive pet ID tag. It’s just the right accessory to keep your pet in style with the added benefit of all the identification needed for their safety. This tag is lightweight yet durable, professionally printed on both sides, and comes in three sizes to match any size pup.
  5. MuttsKickButt Heart on a String Treat Dispensing Tough Dog Chew Toy
    We love this treat-dispensing toy and so will your pup. They’ll enjoy the treats you stash away in the core and you’ll enjoy the versatility of the multi-use chew toy. Add a dab of peanut butter or a handful of treats in the core and get ready for fun. It’s made of a safe, durable natural rubber compound that’s non-toxic and biodegradable. It’s also dishwasher-safe, just toss it in and it’ll be squeaky clean in no time. (Always be mindful of playtime, though. If the rubber breaks off or the rope starts to fray, best to toss the toy and replace it with a new one.)
  6. I and Love and You Hair Meow’t Hearties Cat Treats
    Spoil your kitty with a snack this Valentine’s Day that will give her fur a luxurious sheen. Enriched with hearty flaxseeds and nourishing fish oil, these tasty heart-shaped morsels help to soften your cat’s coat and support healthy skin. Plus, they’re enhanced with super-healthy prebiotics and probiotics to keep your kitty’s stomach happy and healthy.
  7. Valentine’s Day Dog Collars
    Adorn your pup’s neck with a Valentine’s Day Collar for your best friend. I mean, who wouldn’t want to show off a festive collar for the holiday? Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to fit every pup’s personality and neck size, and be ready to show your stylish pup off.
Woman embracing her cat

6 Gifts for obsessed pet parents

Don’t just shower your fur-babies in love this year — show yourself (and other fellow pet-parents) some Valentine’s Day fun, too.

  1. Rustic Valentine’s Day Wood Sign
    This rustic farmhouse ‘My Valentine Has Paws’ sign is the perfect gift for any pet parent this Valentine’s Day. It comes in a variety of colors and would look amazing among other rustic decor on a shelf or mantel. Every piece is high quality and handmade, making it a thoughtful and incredibly unique gift.
  2. Custom Pet Valentine’s Day Socks
    Maybe it’s just us, but who wouldn’t want to wear and show off their fur-babies on their feet everywhere they go? Just add a photo (or three) of your pets and they will be transferred onto these custom Valentine’s Day socks for you to wear. You could add your human Valentine’s face too, but who would want that over their adorable pet’s face?
  3. Paw Print Bracelet
    This bracelet is a wonderful gift to anyone who loves their four-legged fur-babies. The waxed cotton cord is easily adjustable to fit any wrists (or even ankles) with an adorable paw print wish charm. With a wide variety of cord colors to choose from, you and your friends can each choose a color of your own for matching paw print bracelets and celebrate Valentine’s Day together.
  4. Custom Pet Portrait
    This custom pet portrait makes for the perfect Valentine’s gift for that special pet-parent in your life. This is a unique piece that’s sure to be a showstopper in any home. Customize it by choosing how large you want the print to be, whether it’s in black-and-white or color, and add your pet’s name to the print too. We can’t promise there won’t be tears when you (or your pet-parent friend) opens the gift.
  5. We Hope You Like Dogs Doormat
    This durable doormat is exactly what every dog owner needs. Subtle, yet still making a statement, this doggy doormat adds character to every doorstep. Plus, it gives your guests a heads-up that they will (very likely) be swarmed with puppy love as soon as they step inside your home. Is there really a better greeting? We don’t think so.
  6. My Cat Is My Valentine Shirt
    Who says our cats can’t be our Valentine’s? These solid color unisex tees are super soft ring-spun cotton (heather tees are a soft cotton-poly blend) and come in a variety of colors. It’s sure to be your new favorite tee. Also, check out the ‘My Dog is My Valentine’ shirt design.
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Valentine’s Day treats just for your four-legged friend

Treat your pet (quite literally) this Valentine’s Day with some top-notch pet-safe holiday treats. Let’s just say, these aren’t your average dog bones or kitten kibbles.

Pet-safe chocolate — Yes, this exists

Chocolate seems to be the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day. While we don’t want to exclude our furry valentines from celebrating with us, chocolate is NOT safe for them. The good news is there is an alternative to chocolate for pets and it’s called carob, a pet-safe chocolate alternative.

Carob is a natural plant that has a flavor similar to chocolate, though it is sweeter than cocoa. It is full of nutrients (including calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins) and even provides protein and fiber. The main difference is that it does not contain caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, or formamide like chocolate does, which is what is toxic to dogs. In fact, people who have sensitivities or allergies to chocolate also eat carob as an alternative.

Pick up some carob-flavored dog biscuits or even some at-home ‘brownie mix’ for dogs so you can whip up treats to your (and your pup’s) heart’s desire.

Pet wine and champagne — Bottoms up

It’s not drinking alone if your pet is home, right? Better yet, get your fur-friends a drink of their own this Valentine’s Day. For our feline friends, the Apollo Peak Cat Wine is a 100% organic liquid catnip designed to entice even the classiest of cats into playtime. For our dog-moms and dog-dads out there, give the dog wine a try.

While pups may not react to this dog wine as cats do to theirs (dogs don’t exactly have an equivalent to catnip), most dogs will exhibit a relaxed state of behavior. And who can beat the incredibly named bottles? Our personal favorites are the ZinfinTAIL and PURRsecco.

Pet ice cream — A tasty frozen treat

Your dog will love you because now they can enjoy REAL ice cream for dogs at home. Just add hot tap water to this powdered mix and freeze for doggy ice cream. Hoggin Dogs is the perfect gift for dog lovers and friends who have dogs and want to feed them good dog food, but with a celebratory twist. You don’t have to worry about the ingredients either — lactose-free whole milk, peanuts, cane sugar, gelatin and salt. Your pups will love this healthy, natural, made-in-the-USA ice cream for dogs.

DIY baked goods — Made with extra love

We enjoy home baked goods, so why wouldn’t our pets? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pet-safe recipes online for you to try this Valentine’s Day.

  • Peanut butter cookies. These simple-yet-tasty treats are a fan favorite (according to our in-house panel of pup-taste testers).
  • Peanut butter bacon dog donuts. Bacon makes everything better — even these dog donuts, topped with Greek yogurt and crispy bacon bits.
  • Pumpkin ginger dog biscuits. Bake up a batch of these yummy treats to get your pumpkin-lovin’ dog’s tail wagging. (An added bonus is that the pumpkin helps ease upset tummies)
  • Breath freshening dog treats. Whip up these homemade, tasty green treats just in time for all of those Valentine’s Day doggy smooches.
  • Mouthwatering frozen watermelon treats. It may not be summertime yet, but who can deny these rose-colored healthy treats for Valentine’s Day? (You can learn more about the health benefits of watermelon for your pup here.)
Heart of flour on wooden desk, eggs, wooden kitchen utensils. Food photography backstage. Fun on the kitchen with dog

Time to get your bake on!

Valentines Day hazards to watch out for

While chocolate and flowers are traditionally considered romantic Valentine’s Day traditions, dogs, cats, and other pets who nibble on their owner’s gifts definitely won’t be feeling the love. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has gathered a list of common and not-so-common Valentine’s Day toxicities to help you provide the best possible care to your patients. Here are a few to look out for.

Gift paper

Gift wrap and trimmings can be very pretty, but it can also be a big temptation for curious dogs and cats who want to use it as a new toy. If swallowed, gift wrap and trimmings have the potential to become lodged in a pet’s intestinal tract, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal blockages that call for surgical removal.


What goes better with a good meal than a glass of wine? Problems can occur, however, when a glass is left accessible and the pet laps it up. While the grapes in wine haven’t proven to be an issue for dogs, no one truly knows why grapes are toxic for them in the first place. All it takes is one to three grapes to cause a problem for some dogs, so there’s no need to risk it by giving them human wine. Plus, the alcohol alone is unsafe for them. So it’s better to stick to the pet-friendly ‘adult’ beverages we mentioned above.


Roses are certainly the iconic flower of Valentine’s day, but mixed bouquets are also common. Unfortunately, lilies that can cause acute kidney injury in cats are commonly used in mixed bouquets.

If you’re not sure if your bouquet has lilies, call the store/company where the flowers were purchased and get a list of what was in the bouquet. And if you’re not good at identifying flowers, there are many apps and websites with pictures of common flowers used in bouquets.


Xylitol is a sweetener. You can find it in things like candies, chewing gum, toothpaste, and even some peanut butter brands. While we can’t condone spoiling your pet with human candies, always be sure to read the label on anything you feed to your pup. Dogs who consume xylitol can experience severe drops in blood sugar, which can lead to seizures and liver failure.

Even with the best of planning, accidents can happen. If you feel your pet is having a medical emergency, contact your vet right away. 

Here are some other numbers to keep handy in your phone in case of a Valentine’s (or otherwise) emergency:

  • Pet Poison Helpline: 855-764-7611
  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Helpline: 888-426-4435